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There are some aspects of the database that are maintained by scripts that run 3 times per week. Generally if there are problems with two conflicting pieces of information (for instance the group status still shows stalled/ongoing and a new file has been added that should change the status), these are generally maintained or corrected by the Routine Maintenance. Most data discrepancies will correct themselves if you wait 48 hours.

Some of the items affected by the Routine Maintenance:

What is updated/generated and when

(Servertime is UTC)

AniDB RSS feed

Every 15 minutes

Mylist Exports

21 minutes past every even hour.
i.e 02:21; 04:21; 06:21, ...

Top10 awards

Every day at 03:01

File stream relation fixing

Every day at 03:30

Main maintenance

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 02:00

Relationgraph update

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 06:05

Groupinfobox status update

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 06:11

Mylist updating/fixing

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12:12