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The information on this page is incomplete and may not be of much use.
If you can, please help by adding to it.

My Reports


  • Added by you without picture


  • No avdump data for files you added to anidb

Mylist (Anime)

  • Incompletely seen (sorted by count)
  • Incompletely seen with perm vote
  • Missing episodes in mylist
  • Missing episodes in mylist (accumulated)
  • No description set
  • On different media
  • Unwatched episodes in the middle of the series
  • Watched and less than 3 reviews added
  • Watched and less than 8 categories added
  • Watched and with Animeplanet link

Mylist (Episode titles)

  • Default title set
  • No kanji title
  • No romaji title set

Mylist (Episodes)

  • Multiple files
  • Multiple files (ignore deleted and sub files)
  • Multiple files (ignore deleted files)
  • Multiple files (ignore sub files)
  • No airdate set
  • No length set

Mylist (Files)

  • (un)censored flag not set
  • Bad CRC
  • Censored
  • Censored files for which uncensored are available
  • Filestate "corrupted"
  • Generic files
  • Less than 5 other user
  • Low quality
  • No additional hash set
  • No audio or subtitle language set
  • No avdump data
  • No group set
  • No length set
  • No quality set
  • No releasedate set
  • No resolution, codec or bitrate set
  • No source set
  • No storage info
  • No storage info (no deleted files)
  • Raw only
  • Unchecked CRC
  • Unwatched
  • Unwatched and deleted

Mylist (Info)

  • Number of eps seen this month
  • Size of all files per anime
  • Size of all files per anime (sorted by anime)
  • Votes and seen eps per productionyear

Mylist (Tags)

  • Watched anime with no tag vote by you


  • Watched anime with no tag vote by you
  • Anime with tags you haven't voted for yet

Global Reports


Anime titles





Episode titles



Files (Avdump)

Files (Hashes)



Tags & Categories