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Latest Files Feed

Personalized Notification Feed

  • url can be found on profile page once logged in
  • lists your personalized AniDB Notifications
  • updated once every 15 minutes
  • the &pri=N parameter can be used to filter notifications by priority. pri=0 will include all priorities, pri=1 medium and high and pri=2 only high priorities.
  • for other notification means see also: Notifications, Jabber, UDP_Clients, UDP_API_Definition

RSS/RDF Readers

  • Google Reader (web-based)
  • Firefox 2.0's Built-In RSS Reader
  • Opera's Built-In RSS Reader
  • Adobe Reader 8
  • Internet Explorer 7's Built-In RSS Reader
  • Bloglines
  • FeedBlendr (web-based)
  • AlertBear