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Preferences for ed2k links

Some settings to control general aspect of ed2k links.

ED2K hash spaces convert character

Just choose a character to replace spaces or put a space to maintain spaces.

Preferences for ed2k Custom Link

If you want you can specify your own ed2k link format for links.

Patterns available

Anime Title (uses default language definitions)
Anime Alternative Title
Episode Title (uses default language definitions)
Episode Alternative title
Episode number
Part name ("EP" if anime.type != 4 || "PA" otherwise)
Full part name ("Episode" if anime.type != 4 || "Part" otherwise)
if file is raw (no subtitles outputs RAW)
Crc sum or INVALID if crc invalid
Crc sum (in caps) or INVALID if crc invalid
Version string (only if version > 1)
Censored string (cen)
Uncensored string (cen)
Dub languages (ALL OF THEM, comma separated)
Sub languages (ALL OF THEM, comma separated)
%lang (current db format)
dub.sub_jp,de,,en (extended format)
Group short name
Group full name
Video codec (first video stream)
Audio codec (first audio stream)
Audio channels (first audio stream)
Total number of episodes
[unknown, TV, OVA, Movie, Other, web]
File ID
Anime ID
Episode ID
Group ID
file size (bytes, dot separated)
file size (auto)
file size
file extension
ed2k hash

*If* like cases

Currently there's a way to make something like if cases, imagine that you want to show that a file is raw you could do something like this:

[%raw] %ann - %enr - %epn

But that would show for files that weren't raw some thing like this: "[] Full Metal Panic! - 01 - The guy I kinda Like is a Sergeant".

What you can use is '<' and '>' pairs, if a pattern inside of '<' and '>' returns "" the entire text inside of the '<' and '>' would simply not be shown, so if you changed your tag to be something like this:

<[%raw] >%ann - %enr - %epn

For non raw files it would simply output this: "Full Metal Panic! - 01 - The guy I kinda Like is a Sergeant"

Default formats

Currently AniDB uses something like this format:

%ann - %enr%ver - %epn - <[%grp]><(%crc)><(%cen)><(%lang)><(%raw)>

This format for file 182271 returns the following ed2k links:

ajax page 
new anime page 

note: the last link gets encoded to pass in browsers, the actual output is: