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The Mylist Compare allows you to compare your anime list with the list of another user.

Comparison Table

This table shows the differences between your list and the other user's list. For the duplicate columns the ones that are on the left represent your list and the ones that are on the right represent the other person's list. The columns are:


Displays the anime title as well as an icon indicating the file state for anime in your list.


Displays the number of eps in one's list.


Displays the number of seen eps in one's list.


Displays the vote one has cast for the anime.

Comparison Menu

NEEDS IMAGE OF MENU This menu is situated to the very right side of the MyList Compare screen.The menu can be hidden by clicking the arrow button next to it. Clicking it again will make it reappear. NEEDS IMAGE OF BUTTON


Contains useful links in the form of buttons: THE BUTTONS NEED IMAGES

Save/Load Settings

NEEDS IMAGE OF SAVE/LOAD This section manages filter settings for the Mylist Compare page.

  • Select a template - contains a list of all stored settings
  • edit - updates the selected settings with the current filters
  • load - applies the selected settings
  • delete - permanently removes the settings from the list
  • set default - makes the selected settings load whenever you open your mylist; marking 'select a template' as default will revert to anidb's default view
  • add - saves the current filters under the name written in the textbox above
  • store order parameter - when clicking add/save/update it will also preserve the row ordering
  • update - applies the filters selected below
  • reset - reverts to anidb's default view; this will not affect the default settings when reopening your mylist


The filter section allows you to select what kind of entries you want to show in the list.

Adult Content

  • ignore
  • hide 18+ Content
  • show only 18+ Content

Anime Type

Note The Section below allows for filtering of either your or the other ones mylist. The first column of options is meant for your mylist. The second for the other ones mylist. Options might be disabled if the other user didn't give you permission for it.


Anime presence

Filters whether anime should be present or not in one person's list.

  • ignore
  • absent
  • present

For example, selecting absent for your list will only show the anime that the other person has and you don't. Selecting present for your list will hide all the anime that you don't have. Selecting present for your list and absent for the other will do the same thing as selecting just absent for the other. Selecting absent for both persons will hide everything, so there's no point in doing so. Selecting present for both persons will show only the anime that both persons share.


Filters anime by whether one has files for all the episodes or not.

  • ignore
  • only complete
  • only incomplete


Filters anime by whether one has written a review for it or not.

  • ignore
  • wrote review
  • no review


Filters anime by whether one has voted for it or not.

  • ignore
  • permanent
  • temporary
  • none


  • completely watched - lists anime that have finished airing and one has watched all the episodes for them
  • partially watched - lists anime for which one hasn't watched all the episodes in their list
  • unwatched - lists anime for which one hasn't watched any episodes from their list

Wishlist Status

Filters anime by their wishlist status.

  • ignore
  • in wishlist
  • not in wishlist