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The AniDB MyList Import page allows you to import your anime list from another web site to create a mylist in AniDB. The MyList Import page is accessible from your mylist page.

Unfortunately there is no universal data exchange format for anime lists and as such AniDB needs to implement support for each format individually. Currently supported: - MAL Export Page

Note The import will NOT happen in real time. You will receive a pm once the import has been done with a link to the result.

How it works

  • In the Import from dropdown select the format you are importing your list from.
  • Select File from the location on your hard disk.
Note 1 Max. file size: 1MB
Note 2 Allowed file types: XML or gzipped XML (prefered!)
Note 3 The XML file needs to be valid!
  • Select options:
    Add unviewed eps too
    Ticked will add all the episodes of a series, with unviewed episodes marked as unwatched.
    Update existing files
    Will update the status of generic files in your list, marking them as watched unwatched.
    Update non-generic files
    Will update the status of regular files in your list, marking them as watched unwatched.
    Mark watched eps as unwatched
    Will mark already existing episodes in your AniDB list as unwatched if they are marked as unwatched in the import.
    Overwrite existing votes
    Will replace your AniDB votes with votes from your import.
    Remove existing votes
    Will remove already existing AniDB votes if there is no corresponding vote in the import.
  • Press Upload Button