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MyList:Quick-Add Preferences

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MyList Quick-Add Preferences

If you use this you will replace the default MyList add behaviour that is to open a confirmation page for every time you click an add to MyList icon.

Use quick-add instead of normal MyList add

Check this option to use quick add, you can only set the other preferences if this one is checked.

Default quick-add state

Choose a default quick-add state.

Default quick-add file state

Choose a default quick-add file state.

Default quick-add watched state

Choose a default quick-add watched state.

Notes Please take in consideration the following when using quick-add:
  • You can't change the watched state or remove a file that you quick-added to MyList without a page reload.
  • The group table and MyList box / MyList tab (in the anime page) won't be updated when you quick add/remove files from MyList.
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