How to take a screenshot

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Why not Print Screen?

When using hardware acceleration, Print Screen will be unable to capture the overlayed image. This is due to the image being stored in a different area of memory to the main display, and will manifest itself as an area of color (typically nearly black) where the image appears.


Disabling hardware acceleration

As a workaround, you can disable hardware acceleration. This is done from Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting.

Lazy disabling

Only one program can use video overlays at once. Thus, you can load two copies of your media player (or two different programs that both try to use overlays), and one of them will display without hardware acceleration.

Taking a screenshot in specific software

  • VirtualDub
    • Video > Copy source/output frame to clipboard
  • BSplayer
    • P: Original size
    • Shift+P: 'What you see'
  • Media Player Classic
    • F5
  • Windows Media Player
    • Ctrl+I
  • Zoomplayer
    • Alt+F

How to upload the picture

See Content:Anime#Image

Other issues


Relative quality of different types of frames, differences in output of different renderers, etc.

Seeking presision

Problems with some splitters, frame-by-frame stepping.