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Song Staff

Adding Song Staff is very important and we'd really appreciate it, if you took the time to add it as well.

Where do I find information on Staff?

You can find information in the Opening and Ending video of an Anime the song's played in, you can find information on Jap Wiki or you take the Staff - the recommended way - from Anison.
I will use the Song Lilium as a reference.

Adding Staff

Clicking on the link above will lead you to the song's Anison Page. There you find 7 different people who worked and/or participated on this song. The list is as follows:

歌手 野間久美子
作詞 小西香葉
作詞 近藤由紀夫
作曲 小西香葉
作曲 近藤由紀夫
編曲 小西香葉
編曲 近藤由紀夫

To add Staff you need to be on the song's AniDB Page and click on the tab 'Add Staff'. This will lead you to a new page with new tabs "Add Credit" and "Massadd Credits".
Add Credit will have you add each credit by its own and won't work when the "Creator" is not known to the DB. To go around that, you simply use Massadd Credits.
For this you just copy the Credits from Anison and add a ":" as separator between function and creator. In this case your input would be looking like this:

歌手: 野間久美子
作詞: 小西香葉
作詞: 近藤由紀夫
作曲: 小西香葉
作曲: 近藤由紀夫
編曲: 小西香葉
編曲: 近藤由紀夫


It's now also possible for you to chose 'Anison' from the drop-down menue - that means you don't have to add the ":" and can parse the info just like you copied it from Anison.

After having added this information, click on send and wait until the Staff credits appear. This would look like on the picture.

In this specific case all Staff has already been set, thus the 'yes' in the 'already set?' row. Given the case, none would've been set, you mark all the boxes on the left, add your valid source in the box and click ADD selected. Now all your added Staff should appear on the Song's Staff page. If you get an error that a creator couldn't be added, then there's most likely a creq pending for this "Creator".

Given the case your Data results in yellow like shown on the picture to the right, then it simply is a name clash.

Just check on the people it resulted in and chose the correct person.
Given the case neither of the creators is the one you need, you can just add the staff as textcredits, ticking the box in the row "as text". With this the credit will be present in its original form and can later be converted into a real creator entry.

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