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Disclaimer: AniDB is NOT a download site. With the new features added, you will find more information on every added Anime than ever, next to ed2k links. 
If you need info what an ed2k link is, we advise you to try Google. 

This page is the comprehensive guide to adding new data to AniDB. It is very important that our users provide as complete data as possible when adding new data. If incomplete data is added additional workload on other users and our staff is generated, to prevent that there are some very easy ways which are listed below. Some of the adding functions mentioned below actually generate so called 'Change Requests' (short: CReq) when used by regular users. This means that your additions will have to be reviewed by the AniDB moderators or users who have special access rights.

Adding New Anime

Adding New Episodes

Adding New Files

Usage of AVdump

Adding New Groups

Adding New Characters

Adding New Character-Character Relations

Adding New Character-Anime Relations

Adding New Creators

Adding New Creator-Creator Relations

Adding New Creator-Anime Relations

Adding New Creator-Character-Anime Relations

Adding New Collections

Adding New Songs

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