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Generic Person/Company Tables

As the CharDB, OstDB, MangaDB and AniDB's producers all tend to include data about indivuduals or companies it would be a good idea to extract the generic data for individuals and companies into two separate tables which are then used by all other parts.

I.e. instead of having all the data inside the producer table, it would only include those datafields which are producer specific and would refer to a person or company table for the general data.

The question is, which fields can be considered generic (and should thus be listed in the person/comapny table) and which fields are specific.

And also which relations should be possible between entries.

  • person<=>company relations? (works/ed for?)
  • company<=>company relations?
  • person<=>person relations? (married?)

And multiplicities, i.e. has each producer only one person/company related to it, or multiple ones?

Also, should names be a separate table (like anime titles) or are there only a small number of names we'd want to store per person/company?

Is mangaka sufficently different from producers? Or should mangaka simply be stored/handled like producers?

The concept of pseudonyms is still very unclear, what is the multiplicity? And are they also related to producers? Or persons? Also how are matching pseudonyms (they're not unique, are they?) handled?

The big picture


  • To Fix:


Data Fields

Generic Fields - Person

  • image
  • url (en)
  • url (jp)
  • url wiki (en)
  • url wiki (jp)
  • birth place
  • birth date
  • death date
  • gender
  • blood type
  • nationality
  • place of residence
  • description (extra data goes here)

Generic Fields - Company

  • name
  • shortname
  • synonyms
  • image
  • url (en)
  • url (jp)
  • date founded
  • date closed down
  • description
  • ...


  • type
  • startdate
  • enddate
  • ratings&co
  • description
  • ...