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What is it?

A multi-episode file is a file with at least 2 episodes. Those are troublesome as AniDB can only associate 1 episode to 1 file at the moment.

How to add them to AniDB?

  • If a group releases all episodes in multi-episode files (e.g. Future Boy Conan), these files should be added to specials
  • If a group releases just some files that contain multiple episodess (e.g. the dual episodes in Prince of Tennis), these files should be added to the first episode they contain.

In both cases, people of course still have to add generic files to their lists. That workaround can't be avoided.

In any case, it is important to have a consistent naming scheme for titles of special episodes and file comments that is easy to understand both for humans and programs. We came up with this:

  • Naming scheme for specials: "Episode[s] X-Y: (Titles of episodes)", where X and Y can, if necessary, be followed by a letter (a,b,c,...) to indicate partial/split episodes.
"Episode 1-3: [...]" (contains three eps)
"Episode 1-2a: [...]" (contains complete first episode, part of the second episode)
"Episode 2b: [...]" (contains second part of the second episode)[/list]
  • Naming scheme for file comments: "contains ep[s] X-Y" with the same rules as above

Additional note to reduce confusion

Why is Ebichu 24 episodes (was aired 2 episodes at a time) when Azumanga Daioh is 26 episodes? (was aired 5 episodes at a time)

This question can be answered pretty fast by checking their japanese homepages.

  • Ebichu is mentioned on the page as having 24 episodes. It was also released on 4 DVDs with 6 episodes per dvd. Can be seen here: [1] and more clearly here (purple box): [2]
  • Azumanga Daioh is very clearly marked as 26 episodes with 5 chapters per episode. Can be seen here: [3]