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which software can be used

If you have the file(s) on your harddisk or on cd you can use all kinds of tools to generate the ed2k link and other additional info:

  • AniDB_O'Matic by BennieB/PetriW can generate ed2k links. It generates ed2k link, md5, crc in one go and also lists stuff like codec, resolution, bitrates, ...
  • ed2k_hash another tool which is commandline based and also available for linux.
  • Filehash a little java programm written by Malich. for further info on it read here
  • Hashcalc can create md5, sha-1, crc32, ed2k-links and various other hashes in 1 go. though at least 1 case is known in which it created a wrong ed2k!

Some Gerneral Stuff

why does anidb require ed2k links

The main reason for this is that it avoids adding of double db entries. AniDB will not allow you to add a file with the same ed2k link as an existing one.
The filesize and md4 hash of a file is used to identify it globally.
You are allowed to add files without ed2k links to AniDB, however you should edit those files later and add the missing ed2k links. Once you added a certain number of files without ed2k links you may no longer add new files without ed2k links but have to edit your old files first.