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I want to support AniDB, can I donate money?

Please refer to our Accounting/Donation page: AniDB Accounting & Donations

Things you and your friends can do to support AniDB

  • Recommend us to others / add a link to AniDB to your website(s).
  • Contribute - Add and update information on AniDB.
  • Become an active participant in the AniDB Forum and on IRC.
  • Give suggestions for improvements and bug reports on the AniDB Tracker.
  • If you are a programmer, there are tons of cool stuff you can do with AniDB, check the wiki (i.e. Development & Category:Development).
    • You may also have other good ideas for new features and the time to work on them.. contact us!
  • If you are a dedicated server owner or work at an ISP/Hosting provider and have servers/resources to spare, contact us, we might need some in the future
    • There is no pressing need for additional servers right now, but we like to keep spares :P