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Credit type exceptions

These are the credit types that the massadd parser will not recognize, but they won't be added to AniDB either.

  • 製作著作 (Production Publication) - it's basically two credits in one, Production (製作) and Publication (著作). This kind of credit isn't that widely used and when it is, it's only given in an OVA. It feels a bit silly to add this as a separate credit when the meaning is already covered by the two existing credits and since it's not possible to have the massadd parser recognize it as 2 credits without making an exception in the code, it should be handled manually. So simply split this credit up.
  • 色指定・検査 (Colour Specification・Inspection) - it is correct to assume that ・is used as a separator between 2 different credits as it in most cases is. In this case the 2 credits given are 色指定 (Colour Specification) and 色指定検査 (Colour Specification Inspection), which you should manually change.
  • 仕上・検査 / 仕上げ・検査 (Finishing/Clean-up・Inspection) - same as the case above. In this case the 2 credits given are 仕上/仕上げ (Finishing/Clean-up) and 仕上検査/仕上げ検査 (Finishing/Clean-up Inspection).
Note 検査 has also been given as a complete separate credit (for example in Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles), in which case it has meant Finishing/Clean-up Inspection.