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Notes on any credit addition problems, so they can be revistited if the system changes. If you're adding notes and your source is not the video itself, please note that.

Episode changes

If a credit is given to different people or companies in different episodes, add which credit correlates to which episode below.

  • TODO RG Veda (something)
  • TODO Princess Rouge (animation)
  • TODO Sengoku Kidan Youtouden (jc staff cred)
  • TODO Twilight Q (something)


If two or more sources that should be definative, such as the opening video vs. closing video vs. official website, give significantly contradictory credits, please list them below with their source and which was decided on.

Avoiding miscredits

If a particular task is credited to two or more companies or people, but not all of them are eligible for being given entries (at the moment), due to being one-offs or unverifiable, add the complete credit given below.

Original work one-offs

If a mangaka or other person is given a credit for original work (原作) but are likely to be a one-off and you can't be bothered to do any research, add them below.

Other one-offs

If a company or person is likely to be a one-off for the current list of creditable roles but doesn't fit under the headings above, add them below.

  • Arslan Senki - (part 1 only) Animation Work Assistance (アニメーション制作協力): アイジータツノコ (I.G Tatsunoko)

Other credits

If a listed company or person is given a credit that's not in the current list of creditable roles, list it here. If using 'unknown relation' to indicate a known but unlisted credit, you should always add the actual credit below.