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The cast of an anime includes the characters and their seiyuu (voice actors and actresses).

Cast info sources

Note This section is a mostly untouched copy of some of the text from nwa's forum post and still needs further details, proper editing and formatting.

The following are acceptable sources for information on the cast:

  • VIDEO - yeah... well... as always.
  • The official page for the anime - Lists the main and secondary cast generally. Sometimes gives the hiragana readings as well (from which you can get the main name).
  • Japanese wiki - this should be the BEST source for characters since they most of the time also give the hiragana reading (inside brackets). And they mention seiyuu changes, generally...

One thing to note, if you add a character WITHOUT the official Japanese name and WITHOUT any links whatsoever, well that's just lame and makes it quite hard to track down the character to see if that's really his name and what not, but alas, we're not as strict with characters as we are with creators. I bet we have quite a number of characters by now whose name order is wrong or who don't meet our romanisation standards.

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