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The information on this page is incomplete and may not be of much use.
If you can, please help by adding to it.

The cast of an anime includes the characters and their seiyuu (voice actors and actresses).

Cast info sources

Note This section is a mostly untouched copy of some of the text from nwa's forum post and still needs further details, proper editing and formatting.

The following are acceptable sources for information on the cast:

  • VIDEO - yeah... well... as always.
  • The official page for the anime - Lists the main and secondary cast generally. Sometimes gives the hiragana readings as well (from which you can get the main name).
  • Japanese wiki - this should be the BEST source for characters since they most of the time also give the hiragana reading (inside brackets). And they mention seiyuu changes, generally...
  • - lists complete cast info per episode for a number of anime, older one as well as ongoing. Note that the cast info is very well hidden, after you select an anime, you need to click on an episode title to unfold the cast info (it doesn't show a pointer cursor). If nothing unfolds, then that episode has no cast info.
  • SeiyuuDB - complete cast info for various series in the 20xx range.

One thing to note, if you add a character WITHOUT the official Japanese name and WITHOUT any links whatsoever, well that's just lame and makes it quite hard to track down the character to see if that's really his name and what not, but alas, we're not as strict with characters as we are with creators. I bet we have quite a number of characters by now whose name order is wrong or who don't meet our romanisation standards.

Note from nwa

Note This section is verbatim copypasta from the bottom of The Big One .

Note from nwa: since we're all here too lazy to actually write guides and standards, I'm afraid you guys just need to check the existing examples of data for now. If there are any questions regarding the addition of characters/creators/songs/staff credits or anything else related to the new features, please ask so in the forum. Hopefully some day there will be a notes section on the add/edit pages. But for now, just remember that AniDB is meant to display the original Japanese data, character and creator names depend on how they were given in the video or on Japanese sources (family name vs given name order anyone?). Oh, and... NO spaces in Official Japanese names, and always try to provide them!

Notes about adding character data

Note These are some items I learned about while adding characters on my own. These notes may not accurately reflect AniDB policy, but may be helpful to other users just getting started adding character data.
  • For all data it is preferred to stick with original Japanese sources, written in Japanese. This means your primary sources should be Japanese broadcast (or R2 DVD) video, official Japanese web site (.jp), and Japanese Wiki.
  • Automatic translation services such as Google Translate and Babel Fish may be helpful, but should not be trusted on their own. Expect some words (especially names) to be translated incorrectly. Try to find a more authoritative source to corroborate translated information.
  • Spoiler tags should be used in character descriptions to hide potentially spoiling information. English Wikipedia contains a lot of spoilers.
  • For character images the official Japanese web site is preferred over screen caps from the video.
  • Character images may be as large as 400 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall, but must not exceed 102400 bytes in size. discussion
  • Episode relations are added by editing the character to anime relation and entering values into the Episodes field. Acceptable values consist of a series of comma separated ranges which may be delimited by hyphens. Just enter something like "1-26", or "2,5,8", or "9-13,16,22,26".
  • JP URL and EN URL fields are for official web sites of the anime only. Do not enter the URL of any other web site here! If there is no official web site, or the official web site of the anime no longer exists, then simply leave the URL field blank.
  • Additional character data sources may be cited in the comment to the mod field.