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Note Currently this is still just a draft for a capitalisation policy.

The following are some rules for the proper capitalisation of anime, episode, and song titles.

Japanese transcription

  • For Japanese transcription titles, all words should be capitalised except for particles unless the particle is the first word in the title. Some common particles are:
de, e, ga, na, ni, no, o, to, wa, yo, (etc...)



  • The first and last words for English titles are always capitalised, and all except the words listed below are capitalised.
  • The following are lower case, unless they are the first word or last word:
Articles: a, an, the
Conjunctions: and, but, or, nor
Prepositions that are less than five letters long: at, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, onto, out, over, per, to, up, with
And: as (only if it is followed by a noun)
  • Prepositions are sometimes capitalised:
Prepositions are capitalised when they are the first or last word.
Prepositions that are part of two-word "phrasal verbs" (see below for examples) are capitalised.
Prepositions that are over four letters long. (across, after, among, beyond, ...)
  • These short words are capitalised in titles. Some people occasionally forget to capitalise these:
also, am, are, be, do, had, has, have, if, is, it, so, than, that, thus, was, when, what
as (if it is followed by a verb)

Phrasal verbs

Below is a list of some "phrasal verbs":
(These are some phrases in which the preposition needs to be capitalised.)

  • Beat Up
  • Blow Out
  • Break Down
  • Break Into
  • Break Up
  • Bring Up
  • Call Off
  • Call On
  • Call Up
  • Carry On
  • Come Back
  • Come Down
  • Come On
  • Come Out
  • Come Over
  • Do Over
  • Fill Out
  • Find Out
  • Get Along
  • Get Around
  • Get By
  • Get Over
  • Get Through
  • Get Up
  • Give Back
  • Give Up
  • Go Along
  • Go Away
  • Go On
  • Go Over
  • Hand In
  • Hang Up
  • Hold On
  • Keep On
  • Keep Up
  • Leave Out
  • Let Down
  • Look For
  • Look Into
  • Look Like
  • Look Out
  • Look Over
  • Look Up
  • Make Out
  • Make Up
  • Pack Up
  • Pass Out
  • Pick Out
  • Pick Up
  • Put Away
  • Put Off
  • Put On
  • Put Out
  • Put Up with
  • Roll Over
  • Run Into
  • Run Out of
  • Run Over
  • Show Up
  • Take After
  • Take Back
  • Take Off
  • Take On
  • Take Up
  • Talk Back
  • Talk Over
  • Throw Away
  • Try On
  • Turn Down
  • Turn In
  • Turn Off
  • Turn On
  • Use Up
  • Wait On

Other Languages

For specific rules about a language, contact a minimod with "Language Verifier" status for this language: AniDB Staff