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Note You have to set an API key in your profile before auto-creqing with Avdump GUI.

A simple GUI for Avdump2 is available for CLI skeptics. The GUI package includes the most recent version of Avdump2 as well.

Screenshot of the AVDump2 GUI


  1. Download the GUI here (portable).
  2. Set your AniDB user name and API password in the options menu.
    1. API password is set on your user settings page: http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=profile
    2. Under the "Account" tab, create a UDP API key; it can be anything you want. It is used for Avdump2 to connect to AniDB.
  3. Save the options.
  4. Select what you want to scan from the main menu; files or folders.
  5. Select the stuff you want to scan (... Button) (you can select multiple files at once).
  6. Click Start.

For further Assistance join IRC:anidb and bug Der Idiot.

For Vista and Windows 7 permission issues on installation:

  • Create a blank .bat file.
  • Insert this text into it and modify it to your situation:
    "C:\Windows\System32\msiExec.exe" -i "C:\Directory\Where\Located\avdump-gui.msi"
  • Right click and run the .bat file as administrator.


 v2.11 - 01.07.2011
 trying to scan files without having provided a username/password -> BOOM (trying to kill the subprocess without it running)
 removing already scanned files form the list and readding them will process them again even if "done" is set (from frontend at least. avdump itself would ignore them. this would leave a couple "new" entries in the list which are unprocessable)

 v2.10 - 01.07.2011
 Avdump2 Build 4334 added
 Autoupdater implemented
 last scanned dir stored in config
 window size stored in config (unless it's maximized)
 use stderr to catch errors instead of stdout
 lots of rewriting

 v2.02 - 09.06.2011
 Avdump2 Build 4320 added
 ditched subprocess module in favour of qprocess
 peek into console output and notice the user when an error happened (outdated version or wrong password/username)

 v2.01 - 06.06.2011
 various nasty bugs removed
 windows can be enlarged on demand

 v2.00 - 03.06.2011
 Avdump2 Build 4260 added
 rewrote the whole lot and simplified it

 v1.07 - 06.04.2008
 Avdump 0.34 added
 fixed a bug with the bufferfield not allowing 16 buffer while that being the default
 made option o default when no profile exists

 v1.06 - 12.02.2008
 Avdump 0.33 added

 v1.05 - 13.11.2007
 thx to rar for fixing dumping of files with characters in non local codepage

 v1.04 - 10.11.2007
 fix for not being able to dump files with Japanese characters in the filename
 Avdump 0.32 added and changes implemented

 v1.03 - 13.05.2007
 added the console again
 fix for log, export and done paths with spaces
 added parents for the dialogues so they die with the program and can't stay open any more
 option 9 added (experimental mp3 hashing for ostdb)
 v1.02 - 13.05.2007
 added error and warning dialogue boxes to prevent a couple problems
 added some exception handling for a few fields
 v1.01 - 12.05.2007
 killed a nasty bug with trailing \ in the scanpath
 v1.00 - 12.05.2007
 Initial release


This GUI was coded purely in python using pyqt for the framework. The sourcecode can be found in the svn.