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1. Download Avdump
2. Decompress avdump in some folder whereever you want
3. Set an Api Password in your profile

The password can differ from your anibd pass. You can basically set whatever you want here

4. Right-click avdump.exe, select "Create Shortcut"
5. Right-click the shortcut, add " -ac:<your username>:<your apipassword>" to the "Shortcut - Target" line

(without the <> of course)
Example: "C:\program files\Codecs\avdump\avdump.exe" -ac:deridiot:ilovecookies

6. Move shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\SendTo

([Username] is your WinXP LogIn-Name)

7. Right-click any media-file/folder, goto "Send To", choose avdump (or whatever you called the shortcut)

for further info read: here

Note: If you use a firewall you will have to open a port for avdump first. You can force avdump to use a fixed port with the option -port