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1. Download Avdump
2. Decompress avdump in some folder whereever you want
3. Set an Api Password in your profile
4. Right-click avdump.exe, select "Create Shortcut"
5. Right-click the shortcut, add " -ac:<your username>:<your apipassword>" to the "Shortcut - Target" line

(without the <> of course)
Example: "C:\program files\Codecs\avdump\avdump.exe" -ac:deridiot:ilovecookies

6. Move shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\SendTo

([Username] is your WinXP LogIn-Name)

7. Right-click any media-file/folder, goto "Send To", choose avdump (or whatever you called the shortcut)

for further info read: here