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====Graphical interface====
A simple GUI can be downloaded from here:
[http://www.anidb.net/client/avdump-gui.msi Avdump Gui v1.00]
This package includes the recent version of avdump as well.
Because I'm a lazy bitch this is the idiot free version. So hence when you set bs the app won't tell you about it. A not or wrong set username/password combo will just do nothing. Furthermore i'm not handling any sort of bs regarding entering letters where numbers are expected. I'm just hoping the average user won't be too retarded to get the obvious.
# set your anidb username and UDP password, which you can set in your [http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=profile profile in anidb]
# Save the options
# select what you want to scan from the mainmenu (folders or files)
# select the stuff you want to scan (... Button) (you can select multiple files at once)
# start
For further Assistance join #anidb on irc.zirc.org and bug [[User:Der Idiot|Der Idiot]]
====Cli/Send to====
====Cli/Send to====

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If you should need further assistance setting avdump up visit us on irc://irc.zirc.org/anidb

Note: If you use a firewall you will have to open a port for avdump first. You can force avdump to use a fixed port with the option -port
Note: It is possible to run more than one instance of avdump at once, but not more than three will work ok. At the moment only 10 sessions per ip are allowed by the server, meaning the eleventh instance will terminate the first. Also, if you suffer under NAT, running more than one instance will make it worse.


A simple GUI for Avdump2 is available for CLI skeptics. The GUI package includes the most recent version of Avdump2 as well.

Screenshot of the AVDump2 GUI


  1. Download the GUI here (portable).
  2. Set your AniDB user name and API password in the options menu.
    1. API password is set on your user settings page: http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=profile
    2. Under the "Account" tab, create a UDP API key; it can be anything you want. It is used for Avdump2 to connect to AniDB.
  3. Save the options.
  4. Select what you want to scan from the main menu; files or folders.
  5. Select the stuff you want to scan (... Button) (you can select multiple files at once).
  6. Click Start.

For further Assistance join IRC:anidb and bug Der Idiot.

Cli/Send to

1. Download Avdump
2. Decompress avdump in some folder whereever you want
3. Set an Api Password in your profile

The password can differ from your anidb pass. You can basically set whatever you want here

4. Right-click avdump.exe, select "Create Shortcut"
5. Right-click the shortcut, add " -ac:<your username>:<your apipassword>" to the "Shortcut - Target" line

(without the <> of course)
Example: "C:\program files\Codecs\avdump\avdump.exe" -ac:deridiot:ilovecookies

6. Move shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\SendTo

([Username] is your WinXP LogIn-Name)

7. Right-click any media-file/folder, goto "Send To", choose avdump (or whatever you called the shortcut)

for further info read: here


it runs via wine <add more stuff>

Processing DVD's

For processing DVD's it's best to set a small blocksize. Helps to improve performance.

something like


(default is 2048)