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What is it

Avdump is a video codec identification utility - identifies which video codec and audio compression method is used on video files. Furthermore it calculates the used bitrates, the length, identifies the number of used audiochannel and more.
It is mainly based on mediainfo, but got enhanced and changed to fit anidb's needs by Epoximator.
Avdump was created with the intention to provide anidb with a tool to standarize the input. Furthermore it will become part of the upcoming AOM 0.6 allowing to autocreq all the generated informations.

Supported formats

  • Video : MKV, OGM, AVI, DivX, WMV, QuickTime, Real, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVD (VOB)...
(Codecs : DivX, XviD, MSMPEG4, ASP, H.264, AVC...)
  • Audio : OGG, MP3, WAV, RA, AC3, DTS, AAC, M4A, AU, AIFF...
  • Subtitles : SRT, SSA, ASS, SAMI...

Known issues

Note: Avdump is under development. Don't take the validity of its output for granted. Please report errors/issues.

  • Audio channel detection is very simple:
    • Number of channels might be wrong. (5.1 vs 6.1, 6.1 vs 7.1)
    • No check of actual data in channels. (dummy channels)
  • MP3 VBR check does only detect bitrate switching. (variable frame size)
  • Missing bits in obscure containers (ie. not mkv/ogm/avi/mp4). Waiting for mediainfo to support this.
    • No bitrates for mov files.
    • No fps for asf/wmv files.
    • ...


Avdump is a simple commandline client and as that is to be used in the dosbox.

avdump [-amoflnprstx] <media file/folder> [log file]
Options: (all in one)

  • a - Only parse avi
  • m - Only parse mkv
  • o - Only parse ogm
  • f - Only parse mp4
  • l - list mode {file path/name}\t{track #1 codec}\t...\t{track #n codec}
  • n - extra newline per file
  • p - pause when finished
  • r - random file order
  • s - short output
  • t - print time used per file
  • x - xml output

Alternative way of usage

  • Extract to a folder of choice
  • Right-click avdump.exe, select "Create Shortcut"
  • Right-click the shortcut, add " -p" to the "Shortcut - Target" line
Example: "C:\program files\Codecs\avdump\avdump.exe" -p
Optional: Change "Run" to "Maximized"
you can also set other options like s, x or t if you wish to do so.
  • Move shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\SendTo
[Username] is your WinXP LogIn-Name
  • Right-click any media-file, goto "Send To", choose avdump (or whatever you called the shortcut)
  • Be happy :D
  • Get CReqing

(thanks to taxit for this tip)


Get your copy of avdump HERE!


Ask Epoximator for the source if interested.

Based on


0.23 : 060817
 - Changed: log file is now utf8.
 - Fixed video vs audio duration issue with non mkv/ogm files. (fid: 252353)
0.22 : 060806
 - Fixed unicode-in-file-name issue.
 - Added VFR test for mp4 files.
 - Added switch 'c': pause after each file.
 - Changes in AR rages and removed 'Wrong AR'.
 - Minor fixes and changes.
0.21 : 060726
 - Fixed codec detection in private frame (user data).
 - Added switches 'a' (avi), 'm' (mkv), 'o' (ogm), and 'f' (mp4): Only parse these types.
 - Added switch 'l': list mode ({file path/name}\t{track #1 codec}\t...\t{track #n codec}).
 - Added switch 'i': skip full parsing (mkv/ogm/avi). Only for testing. Do _not_ use when creqing.
0.20 : 060717
 - Added return code in xml mode and more warnings in the other modes.
 - Fixed mp4 parser; audio track sizes.
 - Fixed mkv crash on corrupt files (fid: 216911).
 - Fixed wrong track duration on mkv files where the first timecode is not 0 (fid: 234960).
0.19 : 060711
 - Fixed rm parser.
 - Fixed mpeg parser, video bitrate.
 - Minor stuff.
 - Short format does _now_ print video duration.
 - Improved the mp3 vbr test. (fid: 240676)
0.18 : 060624
 - MP4 fixes: sub tracks, track lang, missing chan/srate.
 - Updated MediaInfoLib (latest cvs).
 - Minor changes in normal output format (duration and size).
 - Short format does now print video duration (ie. not header value).
0.17 : 060602
 - Added extension check.
 - Changes xml output.
 - Fixed memory leak when parsing mp4.
0.16 : 060529
 - Fixed some RIFF bugs.
 - Fixed randomizor bug.
 - Updated anidb codec identifiers.
 - Added jni.
 - Changes in xml and short mode.
0.15 : 060518
 - Updated libebml, libogg, libvorbis.
 - Added switch 'r': random file order.
 - Added switch 'n': extra newline per file.
 - Changes in 'short' output mode.
 - Track numbering starts on 1 now.
 - Changes in ar detection, see: http://wiki.anidb.info/w/Avdump/AR
 - Fixed: Track sizes might be slightly wrong for OpenDML files.
 - Packed exe and dll (UPX 2.00w).
0.14 : 060514
 - Added anidb AR, flags and chan str to normal output.
 - Added new output mode: short (-s).
 - Added switch -t: show proc time (per file).
 - Fixed high mem usage bug on some file formats.
 - Fixed access violation on files with very many tracks.
 - Added track names (mkv only).
 - Added version in output.
 - Some tweaking of output format.
0.13 : 060511
 - Fixed wrong track durations for some mkv files.
 - Added anidb channel id (only in xml).
0.12 : 060510
 - Improved VFR check.
 - Added anidb video flags (only in xml).
0.11 : 060509
 - Added anidb codec id for ogm (and fixed a minor issue for some mkv files).
 - Added simple VFR check for mkv files.
0.10 : 060501
 - Added MP3 VBR check on avi and mkv files (variable frame size check).
 - Added xml output (-x).
 - Added anidb codec id, and some checking on fourcc vs user data.
 - Added anidb lang and ar id (only printed in xml mode).
 - Fixed some issues with mp4, rm and mpg files.
0.09 : 060401
 - Fixed track size for all non mkv/ogm/avi/mp4.
 - Changes in the output format.
0.08 : 060330
 - Exe is now unicode.
 - Fixed wrong output for avi files with multiple audio tracks.
 - Added better track size calc for avi files. (first try)
 - Added track duration.
0.07 : 060314
 - Fixed broken ogm parsing (language).
0.06 : 060305
 - Fixed wrong duration for some mkv files.
 - Fixed wrong track size for some mkv files.
0.05 : 060221
 - Improved USER data check.
 - Killed some memory leaks.
0.04 : 060217
 - Fixed 'AAC in OGM' crash.
 - Added check for USER data in mkvs and ogms.
 - Cleaned codec output for mkvs.
 - Added some filecomment output.