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  • 'g_section *_all' have been added to all pages. was this wanted? rename? g_content @ dev
  • should g_section be the only allowed element (first level childs) inside #layout-content (except h1)?
    • general vertical margins. g_actionlist/etc. is subs of g_section?
  • should g_navlist and g_numonpage be in one (parent) div?
  • should g_jumplist be inside the table div?

Text visibility

  • v_high (red bold)
  • v_med (bold)
  • v_low (italics)
  • v_pos (green)
  • v_neg (red)

Text content

  • c_title
  • c_text
  • c_number
  • c_time
  • c_state (creq, message, animegroup, etc.)
  • c_stats (x/x/x/x, mylist/file stats, etc.)
  • c_rating (x.xx (x), mixed)
  • c_action (links, report/del/rate)
  • c_icons (mylist state)
  • c_list (links, resources)

Text alignment

Default alignment. (vs. text content or in addition)

  • a_center
  • a_left
  • a_right
  • ...

or (pos)

  • p_c (center)
  • p_w (west)
  • p_ne (northeast)
  • ...

Table types

Probably don't want this /to be renamed to t_* ?

  • inner (file table inside ep table, ...)
  • dummy (table in title td in ep table, ...)
  • container (not inner, for layout only, f.ex. vote section @ anime page)


name type description note example
g_navlist li subpages latest files/anime/...
g_numonpage li number of rows wanted sub of g_navlist
g_jumplist table ext/prev page, filter char for all sortable lists
g_actionlist - separated list of different possible actions (links) should be in most pages
g_definitionlist table vertical field name -> value list div.anime_info
g_infobox non-existing image, defintion list, description all info pages (anime/group/ep/..)
g_newsbox/g_msgitem non-existing header(title-by-date-action) and body news item, agcmt
g_navprev/g_navnext ?
g_menu ul page/sub menu mylist, my messages, etc.
g_filterlist ul filtering latest files

File states

  • g_fs_ok
  • g_fs_invalid
  • g_fs_deprecated
  • g_fs_generic
  • g_fs_lame


  • g_infobox
  • g_notebox
  • g_warnbox
  • g_errorbox
  • g_successbox

Could use g_box m_info / g_msg v_high / ...? unless g_*box is possible


  • td/tr/li.pause
    • pause in lists, f.ex. between normal eps and special eps
  • td.fill, width/height 100%
  • .g_even, .g_odd
  • .g_description
  • .g_info
  • .g_howto
  • .field, .value (in definition lists)
  • .nowrap
  • tr.mod (mod message)
  • div.g_image
  • div.g_end (used to mark the end of content, used for clear: right, maybe not needed)
  • .state (creq state)
  • (inside g_navlist, currently selected)