AniDB O'Matic - mIRC script for statistics

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#                    Made By AnimeNeko Thx to PetriW For this Option                       #
#                               Enable statwhoring in aom                                  #
# Replace e:\aom\MyStats.ini to the correct Directory and filename. But choose INI in aom. #
#            Replace mwizard als with your own name or remove it up to you                 #
#                         You can use it in the ChatChannel and PM                         #

menu channel,query {
  AniDb Mystats: mystats

alias mystats {
  var %aom.file e:\aom\MyStats.ini
  var %nick MWizard
  if ($exists(%aom.file)) { 
    var %anidbepcount $readini(%aom.file, anidb, episodecount)
    var %animecount $readini(%aom.file, mylist, animecount)
    var %totaleps $readini(%aom.file, mylist, episodecount)
    var %Tfilescount $readini(%aom.file, mylist, filecount)
    var %fileswatched $readini(%aom.file, mylist, fileswatched)
    var %mylistsize $readini(%aom.file, mylist, size)
    var %epswatched $readini(%aom.file, mylist, episodeswatched)
    var %watchedsize $readini(%aom.file, mylist, watchedsize)
    say %nick has %animecount Animes, %totaleps Episodes, %Tfilescount files, $bytes(%mylistsize,g).suf ( $+ $round($calc(%totaleps / %anidbepcount * 100 ),3) $+ % $+ ) Anime ( $+ %epswatched Eps / $round($calc(%epswatched / %totaleps * 100 ),3) $+ % $+ , $bytes(%watchedsize,g).suf $+ , %fileswatched files, $round($calc(%epswatched / %anidbepcount * 100 ),3) $+ % Watched)

Copy the text and put it in notepad or so and name it StatWhoreing.mrc or a othername.mrc then do /load -rs othername.mirc to load it. After you copy the file into your mirc dir.

If you want your mylist size in GB. and not that it automatic converts to mb,gb,tb change $bytes(%mylistsize).suf into $bytes(%mylistsize,g).suf then it will only show the size of your mylist in GB's