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The information on this page is incomplete and may not be of much use.
If you can, please help by adding to it.

AniDB O'Matic has an automatic file renaming function, it takes information from the file and AniDB to create a filename according to your pattern. The file renaming function is fully widestring compatible.

Where to find

Main menu -> Settings -> Options -> File renaming

How it works

You can specify multiple patterns to use, each pattern can contain different tags, both premade and user made. Custom user made patterns are skipped if any of the tags in it return a zero length result. You can not use custom tags within custom tags.


Custom tag 1: %LG = [%lg]
This tag will show the long name version of whatever group released the target file, for example: [AnimeONE]

Custom tag 2: %CRC = {%lower%%crc32%/lower%}
This tag will show the crc32 for the target file in lowercase, for example: {a8f237b2}

Pattern: %a - %ep - %e %LG%CRC
This pattern will show the anime name, padded episode number with version, episode name and the content of the two custom tags %LG and %CRC, for example:
Da Capo - 05v2 - Because I`m a Maid... [Rice-Box]{aa10c42a}.avi

Current predefined tags and macros:

    Supported tags:
      %a          Anime name
      %acat       Anime category
      %ayear      Anime year
      %e          Episode name
      %ep         Episode number and version
      %epno       Episode number
      %epart      Episode part, only valid for movies
      %v          Version
      %g          Group name
      %lg         Full group name
      %crc32      CRC32 checksum
      %ed2k       ED2K checksum
      %sha1       SHA-1 checksum
      %md5        MD5 checksum

    Supported macros:
      %lower%text%/lower%      Converts text lowercase
      %upper%text%/upper%      Converts text uppercase
      %upfirst%text%/upfirst%  Make only first character in text uppercase
      %upwords%text%/upwords%  Make first character in each word in text uppercase

Additional options

Replace space with: This will replace any space characters within the filename to the specified character(s). Anime title language: This will use the anime title in the specified language if available, otherwise it'll use the default as usual.

If you need more tags and/or macros post a feature request.