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AniDB offers two APIs for client programms.<br>
One full, TCP based API which is not public and one limited, UDP based public API.<br>
Clients for the full API are somewhat like an offline version of AniDB.<br>
Clients for the limited API are using a much simpler interface and only have access to a limited subset of AniDB.<br>
For more info visit the AniDB Development Forum or and IRC://irc.chatsociety.net/#anidb
==full Clients==
<b>Author:</b> BennieB and PetriW
<b>OS:</b> M$ Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003
<b>Main Features:</b>
:* auto adds local files to your mylist
:* allows (offline) browsing of anidb data
:* shell integration
:* ...
==limited Clients==

[[Category: Anidb Clients]]
[[Category: Anidb Clients]]