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To solve some common misconceptions about AniDB:
{{AniDBLink|policies|AniDB Policies}}
:* AniDB does neither host any files nor does AniDB link to any files.
:* You can '''not''' download any files from AniDB.
:* You can '''not''' download any files in our IRC Channels or Forum.
:* Offering files or direct links to files in the forum or our irc channel will get you banned, as will asking for those.
:* In cases were AniDB does link to external webpages we want to underline that those sites are not part of AniDB and are as such not under our control. We are not responsible for any content found on such sites.
:* AniDB is a public anime database, everyone can {{AniDBLink|signup|signup}} and add info to the DB. DB entries are not verified by AniDB staff members before they are inserted into the DB. This means that the AniDB staff can not guarantee the validity of any entries nor can they be held responsible for DB entries made by non AniDB staff members.
:* Should you need to contact an AniDB representative please message {{AniDBLink|msg|do.new|1|msg.to|exp|EXP}} on the AniDB forum.

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