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'''Status:''' incomplete - in development
'''Status:''' incomplete - in development
'''Url:''' http://www.zonk.ag/anidb/grey.css
'''Url:''' http://www.zeromind.de/anidb/grey.css

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The following styles can be used for AniDB, when adding the url to the css field in your profile (Button profile.gif on AniDB)

If you created your own style for AniDB and want to share it with everyone else please add an entry here or just send a pm to deridiot @ anidb
You might also want to periodically check AniDB:CSS_styles_DEV for a list of the latest AniDB changes with CSS implications.

AniDB Style

Title: AniDBstyle

Creator: Default AniDB design based on akujin's creation. Converted to css by Rar and PetriW

Status: incomplete - in development

Url: http://www.anidb.net/css/anidbstyle/anidbstyle.css

http://www.anidb.net/css/anidbstyle/anidbstyle_hacks.css (for IE sufferers)
http://coeurlumiere.com/anidb/anidbstyle_hacks_amour.css (same, + fix for IE7)
http://dongato.dyndns.org/anidbstyle.css (with some fixes and a slightly different style)

further notes: - Generally aims to emulate the old table layout as closely as possible, but with much looser underlying markup.

Brown 2

Title: Brown 2: Ready on the Firing Line

Creator: PetriW

Status: incomplete - in development

Url: http://www.anidb.net/css/brown2/brown2.css

further notes: -

Norwegian Blue

Title: Norwegian Blue

Creator: PetriW

Status: incomplete - in development

Url: http://www.anidb.net/css/blue/blue.css

Experimental version

further notes: -


Title: suppyStyle

Creator: suppy/hrm

Status: incomplete - in development

Url: http://www.anidb.net/css/suppy.css

further notes: doesn't work in IE. my inspiration was google if anyone missed it. not all pages look like they should, but eventually that will be taken care of =).


Title: Grey

Creator: zeromind

Status: incomplete - in development

Url: http://www.zeromind.de/anidb/grey.css

further notes: based on Norwegian Blue


Title: Harustyle

Creator: b1nh

Status: complete - in development

Url: http://freenet-homepage.de/b1nh/harustyle.css

Url (Lite-Edition): http://freenet-homepage.de/b1nh/harustyleLE.css

url (fixed-menu- edition): http://www.mehyaa.com/anime/anidb/styles/haruna/harustyle.css (by mehyaa)

further notes: Notes for 56K-Users: The design's size is 224 kbytes. If something happens with the pictures (eg. webspace down) send a pm to binhkun in AniDB

Lite Edition (Screenshot): This is the less ecchi version of the skin for those, who wish to use this skin in public


Title: Darkstyle

Creator: sylwira

Status: incomplete - in development

Url: http://bogna.best.net.pl/anidb/dark-style.css

further notes: Firefox only. Works fine in Opera as well (searchbar is a little too much to the right, but no big deal). It works also in Konqueror (KDE's default browser), so it should work in any KHTML based browser, for example, Safari (Mac OS X's default browser) and even Nokia series 60 mobile phones. I haven't tested it myself, but it should work in any Gecko (layout engine used by Firefox) based browser too.