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What is AniDB?=

AniDB stands for 'Anime DataBase' and there are two different ways to use it:

  • In AniDB`s Mylist you can specify which episodes you have (seen) and this way you can keep your own personal 'Anime DataBase' online. Never again will you have problems with notepad, Excel, Access or whatever programs you previously used in order to have a list of what anime you have - or have seen. You can just add the episodes from the database to your list and then you`ll have your own created anime database.
  • AniDB contains information about all anime (tv-series, ova's and movies) and tries to be as informative as possible. Since AniDB is open for everyone, everyone is able to add series, episodes and specials which aren`t in the database yet. This way it will become a huge database with the best information about all anime.


AniDB started off as a project by the group AnimeReactor, whose members believed that it was a tiring business to keep a list in order not to forget which anime series or movies they had already seen/bought. In order to create an universal way of creating a list, they started with AniDB.
Around the end of 2002, AniDB became open for the public instead of a database for the AnimeReactor members only, and it started to florish. Nowadays everyone is able to add missing titles, episodes and other missing information to AniDB in order to make this the perfect database everyone dreamed of.