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The advanced search interface.


In this field you can enter what title you want to search for.


In this field you can enter the number of episodes you want the anime to have.

Note You can only enter specific numbers, and they have to be between 1 and 1000 (inclusive).


Here you can select what kind of anime you want to search for: ALL, unknown, TV, OVA, Movie, Other, Web, TV Special.
If you do not know what type it is you're looking for, leave it at "ALL" which is the default.

AnimeNfo ID

If you've seen the anime on AnimeNfo, you can find the AnimeNfo ID if you look in the address bar of your browser, it usually looks like this:,1619,lsvrpq,fullmetal_alche.html

The part that says 1619 is the AnimeNfo ID.

Release Year

You can enter a year or a range of years in which the anime was first released in order to find only titles which was released that exact year or that exact range of years.

Note It does not work to specify a range of years to find every anime that was released during those years.

If this is what you want, you should have a look at the anime calendar instead.


Here you can search for how many votes an anime has and what people thought about it.


Here you can search for how many reviews an anime has and what the reviewers thought about it.


You can specify which genres you want to search for the anime; the anime needs to have all the specified genres, which means that if none is selected, it will display from every genre. While if every genre is selected, it would display only those anime that have every genre in it; which I doubt would return any result.