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Convenient shortcut of presenting "text" in bold with true type font, plus citing it literally, i.e. not interpreting it.

Note The text is prefixed with {{, and }} is appended!


The template can have 1 to 11 parameters:

  1. {{m|<template>}} - Template name.
  2. {{m|<template>|<parameter1>}} - Template name with 1 parameter.
  3. {{m|<template>|<p1>|<p2>}} - Template name with 2 parameters.
  4. ...
  5. {{m|<template>|<p1>|<p2>| ...|<p10>}} - Template name with 10 parameters.
  <template>  =  The template name you want to see in bold, with true type font.

<parameter1>  = 1st template parameter name.
        <p2>  = 2nd template parameter name.
        <p10>  = 10th and last template parameter name.
Resulting source code: '''<tt><nowiki>{{<template>}}</nowiki></tt>'''

Real-world Examples









Hint The more observant wiki coder will notice that using | as a string character in <template>, e.g. delete|<reason> is actually not allowed, but since the code interprets the additional | delimited columns as actual parameters, things work just fine.