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This template creates a more subdued eye-catcher bar (small font, grey design) that can be indented up to 6 times via parameter value, letting the user better customize his "Note"s.

EyecatchLight Smaller font, grey colours that "stick out" less...
Eyecatch ...else pretty much the same as the eyecatch template.


The template can have 2 or 3 parameters:

  1. {{eyecatchLight|<info>|<text>}} - Default mode, no indentation.
  2. {{eyecatchLight|<#>|<info>|<text>}} - Define indentation via <#> parameter.
       <#> =  Number 0 (min) to 6 (max), defines indentation level.
    <info> =  The info to highlight (not word-wrapped), i.e. Note or Important.
    <text> =  The descriptive text for the info.
Note Only the <#> values 1 to 6 are actually checked, any other values (e.g. 0 or abc) yield no indentation at all, and are treated the same as {{eyecatchLight|info|text}}!
Note The <info> parameter is intended for short message headers. To improve readability the word-wrapping is turned off!


{{eyecatchLight|0|Note|'''No''' indentation, just like the normal <tt>eyecatchLight</tt>.}} 
{{eyecatchLight|abc|Note|'''No''' indentation, just like the normal <tt>eyecatchLight</tt>.}} 
{{eyecatchLight||Note|'''No''' indentation, just like the normal <tt>eyecatchLight</tt>.}} 
Note No indentation, just like the normal eyecatchLight.
{{eyecatchLight|1|Another note|'''One''' indentation, just like <tt>eyecatchLight2</tt>.}} 
Another note One indentation, just like eyecatchLight2.
{{eyecatchLight|2|Important|Level '''two''' indentation!}} 
Important Level two indentation!
{{eyecatchLight|6|Very important|Maximum indentation level of '''six'''! "Very important" is ...}} 
Very important Maximum indentation level of six! "Very important" is not word-wrapped.