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  • .IDX files with delay and negative timestamps fail to get their subtitle stream detected
	Delay:  00:25:38:600
	timestamp: -00:25:37:370, filepos: 000000000
	timestamp: -00:25:30:130, filepos: 000003000
	timestamp: -00:25:22:923, filepos: 000004000
	timestamp: -00:25:15:749, filepos: 000005000
	timestamp: -00:25:08:608, filepos: 000006000
	timestamp: -00:25:01:668, filepos: 000007000
	timestamp: -00:24:54:427, filepos: 000008000
	timestamp: -00:24:47:454, filepos: 000009000
	timestamp: -00:24:40:313, filepos: 00000a000
	timestamp: -00:24:32:706, filepos: 00000b000
	timestamp: -00:24:25:532, filepos: 00000c000
	{7031}{}Bardzo dziêkujê za kolacjê.
	{7090}{}Nie ma sprawy, do zobaczenia.|Uwa¿aj na siebie.
	{7160}{}Dobrej nocy.

	00:00:01:movie info: DIVX  640x480 23.976fps 171.1 MB|/SubEdit b.3945 (
	00:02:43:Ustawimy barierê za 3 minuty,
	00:02:45:Potem zwabiê ich w pu³apkê.
	00:02:47:A co potem?
	00:02:52:Pozwolimy by natura zajê³a siê reszt¹.
	00:03:06:Hrabina z Werdenberg
	00:03:30:Czy ci faceci byli lichwiarzami?  
  • Detection of file extensions for .wmv/.asf, .mov/.qt, .rm/.rmvb, .mpg/.mpeg. Detect these files always as their major (wmv, mov, rm, mpg) extension. Detect audio-only Real Media files still as .ra
    Added a table to get major ext from minor ext. If mil supplies multiple extensions and no matching is found, the first ext in the list is reported.
	avi => mov qt       P:\Appleseed (2004) (Episode 0T1) [C0D31AB2] {anidb}.avi
	avi => rm rmvb ra   P:\digimon-cm04- TagTamers.avi
  • Detection of file extensions for .ogm/.ogg/.ogv. OGG files can also have a video stream. Currently avd2 assumes audio-only files are always OGG and when a video stream is present its OGM (or OGV)
    Decision between ogg or ogv for video files seems to be purely preference
  • Detection of file extensions for .mp4/.m4a/.m4v/.m4p/.m4b/.m4r/.mp4v/... . Detect audio-only files as .m4a and all other variants as .mp4
  • "Failed. Reason: AckErrorResponse" for a .txt file with nothing but a "1" inside (
    Undumpable file because logfile size is too small to be accepted by server. Displaying a warning instead of an error now. (Still add to done list?)
  • Crashing on 32bit linux with 2.6 mono when calculating tth and ed2k at the same time and file isn't completely in memory


  • Add new file classes "Archive" and "Chapter Linker" to anidb and move files to those classes including .zip/.rar files marked as subtitles
  • Add new extension for .m4a
  • Remove the play length value from archive and subtitle files like .sub, .zip, .rar, ... (<&Ommina> Missing node is null, not zero.)
  • Needs more codec mappings
  • Reprocess all files affected by above changes