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The UserPage is one of the more central parts of your access to AniDB, from here you can get to everything that has to do with your account: what you have voted for, your messages, your notifies, your ... everything. You can also see your statistics here. The UserPage also acts like a public profile page for other people to see, provided you enabled it in your profile The UserPage is composed of multiple different blocks.

Note These statistics are not updated real time, see Routine Maintenance.
Note The exact blocks and informations displayed depend on whether you have added data to your account for them to be generated.
Note You can also disable some sections by going to the customize tab or your profile.

Sections available on your UserPage

Overview of My Place

User menu

Contains links to a large number of useful pages:

When viewing another user's UserPage the list becomes:

My List

The My List section lists how many anime, episodes and files you have added to your MyList, how big (in bytes) your MyList is, how many of your episodes you have watched, what percent of the entire AniDB you have/have watched, how much time you have spent watching anime as well as when the statistics were last updated.

Note These statistics are not updated real time, see Routine Maintenance.

MyList States

This sections shows how many anime you have in your list grouped by their state.

Note These statistics are not updated real time, see Routine Maintenance.

Added to AniDB

The Added section shows a short summary of your entries into the database, if you want to get more information about this, click the DB entries link in the My menu.

Note These statistics are not updated real time, see Routine Maintenance.

My Creqs

This is a short summary of your database change requests: how many you have open, granted, denied and the total number of creqs you have made. At the bottom there is also a link to your change requests page with more detailed info about all your creqs.

Note These statistics are not updated real time, see Routine Maintenance.

My Userlevel

This sections shows your primary user level and, if available, secondary user levels.


Displays general information about your account.

  • Name - your account name
  • Member Since - the date when you registered on AniDB
  • Birthday / Age - your birthday and age (calculated based on your birthday)
  • Nationality
  • Location - where you live
  • Also known as - your alias on the wiki, AniDB tracker and IRC
  • URL - an URL to your webpage of choice
Note Make sure your link does not violate AniDB linking policies! To prevent misuse, this feature is only available for Adv. Users.
  • Email - your email
Note Be advised that it may be a good idea to obfuscate your email address in order to prevent automated collection by spammers.
  • Jabber JID
  • AIM Adr
  • Yahoo Adr
  • MSN Adr
  • First Anime - first anime that you've seen
  • Watching since - year when you started watching anime
  • A custom description of yourself
Note You can edit most of these by pressing the Edit User Data button at the bottom of the page


Displays links to the most recent messages in your inbox.


Displays links to the most recent AniDB news.


Displays links to various topics.

  • Anime - most recently updated topics for anime in your list.
  • Clubs - most recently updated topics for clubs you're part of.
  • Subscriptions - most recently updated topics for which you have subcribed.

Recommended by your Buddies

Shows the most recent recommendations by your buddies.


Shows the clubs that you have started or are a member of.


Shows your top 20 favourite anime, categories, characters, character tags, collections, creators, groups, songs, tags. An Order No. of 1 means it is your absolute favourite. The higher the number the less you like it.

Note This list is independent of your votes and must be edited manually using the Favourites button at the top left corner of the page.


Displays your userpage signature.

Note This isn't the same as your forum signature.
Note To setup this signature go to My Signatures.