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The following small additions to the mIRC ini files allow you to authenticate with Chii[AR] with a single keypress or via the Channel Pop-ups of mIRC.

To enable manual authentication by pressing just 1 key you have to add the following lines to the Aliases section of the mIRC settings. To get there press ALT-R and select Aliases. Scroll to the end, add the lines and replace username/password with your credentials. In this case the command has been assigned to the F8 key. Of course you can freely assign another key that does not conflict with other functions of mIRC. Same goes for the name of the alias (/chii in this example).

 F8 /chii
 /chii /msg Chii[AR] auth username password

To add Chii authentication as a selectable item in the channel pop-ups of mIRC you have to add the following lines to the following mIRC ini files:


 /chii /msg Chii[AR] auth username password


 Auth with Chii:/chii

Of course just typing in /chii in a channel, query or status window on the IRC network Chii[AR] resides on will also work with both given solutions.