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The following command line options are available in AoM.6 and forward:

General parameters

/basepath "full directory path"
This modifies the base path for all files aom creates.
Default: 'Local application data folder'\AniDB\AoM
Example: aom.exe /basepath "C:\temp"

/settings "full file path"
Allows you to store your settings in a custom location.
Default: %basepath\settings.xml
Example: aom.exe /settings "C:\temp\settings.xml"

/database "folder name"
Name of the subfolder AniDB cache files will be stored.
Default: kowai
Example: aom.exe /database "anidbdata"
Synonyms: /db

/localdatabase "folder name"
Name of the subfolder user created data will be stored.
Default: kowai
Example: aom.exe /localdatabase "localdata"
Synonyms: /ldb

/clear A|L|AL
Clears the data AoM has stored locally. Parameters:

  • A: Clears cached AniDB data.
  • L: Clears user created data. (except settings)
  • AL: Clears both cached AniDB data and user created data. (except settings)

Example: aom.exe /clear A

Warning You most likely do not want to clear your user data as it is not stored by AniDB.

Adding files to be hashed

You can add files and folders to be hashed by passing the file/folder to aom.exe.
Example 1:

aom.exe "C:\temp\afile.avi"

Example 2:

aom.exe "C:\temp\afile.avi" "C:\temp\afolder" "C:\temp\anotherfolder\bfile.avi"


  • The 'Local application data folder' is the default windows folder applications should store data in. For example, in English Vista 64-bit this folder is "C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local".