AniDB O'Matic - Documentation: How to get started

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The first time you launch AniDB O'Matic you'll be greeted by this screen.

First select your language, if your language is not in the list more might be available for download here: AniDB O'Matic Main page

Before you can use AniDB O'Matic you need an account on AniDB.

Once you have an account enter the username and password information and click next.

Read through the information then click next again.

On the final dialog select how the application will share resources with the rest of the system, this can also be changed later under Settings->General in the application tree. (Note, currently all controls on page 3 are disabled.

The first time you launch AniDB O'Matic it'll download a fairly large amount of information from AniDB then update it's local cache, this is a one time operation if the program is run often enough. If the program isn't used for about 4 weeks the cache will be too old and it'll have to be updated from scratch again.

The following sections might be an interesting read to catch up on what you can do with AniDB O'Matic: