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Voting levels

The 10 level vote system can be quite hard to use, there are however a 3 useful rules.

  • First, try to use 3, 5, 7 and 9 in the beginning; the most used one is 7.
  • Second, the use of 1, 2 and 10 is very rare.
  • Third, don't think of 10 as perfect and 1 as worst possible since those do not exist. Basically 0 and 11 represent those values and as those don't exist you can't vote for them.

Additional to those 10 vote levels you can activate in your profile an option to get .5 votes. e.g. 1.5, 2.5...

1 - Unwatchable
You were not even able to watch it; it was probably the worst thing you have ever watched.
This grade is reserved only for the worst cartoons. There is probably nothing as bad as this in AniDB. Use this only if you are absolutely certain. If you are just trying to vote so that this anime does not show up for things like the Anime Hint then add it to your blacklist instead of voting 1.

2 - Hopeless
You cannot say anything good at all about this one. Animation, sound, story, everything was really bad.
This grade is reserved only for the very bad cartoons. There is probably nothing as bad as this in AniDB. Use this only if you're absolutely certain.

3 - Very Bad
This is a very bad anime although still anime. There's nothing appealing about it. You cannot recommend it to anyone, not even die hard anime fans of this specific genre. If you think an anime is one of the worst ever vote a 3.

4 - Bad
This anime is just plain bad. It has nothing to recommend, it is just plain boring. While there are worse animes it's still too bad to recommend to others.

5 - Decent
This anime is neither good nor bad. People can watch it whenever they are bored or when they've run out of other anime to watch.

6 - Fine
This anime is better than decent but still not good, there are a few moments you enjoy although you can't really recommend it to others.

7 - Good
This anime is good, the animation and sound is quite good and it has an original story and different characters as well. You can recommend it to the average anime fan; use this for animes you like.

8 - Very good
This anime is better than good, there are a few moments you were very impressed by it and every anime fan should watch it. However, it is still not great as it still has a few points to improve.

9 - Great
This anime is absolutely great, you were very impressed by it. Everyone should watch it, not only anime fans because everyone will enjoy it as this is the kind of anime that creates anime fans. Everything in the anime is on a very high level. Use this for only the best animes you've watched.

10 - Sugoi
This anime is something really big; it changed your mind, gave you a whole new perspective on life and broadened your horizons. If this sounds unfamiliar to you then you have yet to watch a truly sugoi anime.
This grade is reserved only for the animes you'll never ever forget.

Why can't I vote permanently?!

AniDB allows permanent voting only for animes that have been aired/released completely. To determine if an anime has been aired/released completely, the Finished Airing/Release Date of the anime entry is compared to the current date.
Permanent voting is possible only if the Finished Airing/Release Date is added AND lies in the past.
So, if you are unable to vote permanently it is likely that nobody has added the Finished Airing/Release Date for this anime yet.
To vote you have to look on the internet for the correct Finished Airing/Release Date of this anime and then file a creq by clicking the "request edit" link at the bottom of the anime page.
If you don't know where to find the Finished Airing/Release Date, these pages can help you.
NOTE: Please always include the URL to the page where you found the Finished Airing/Release Date information in the creq comment field.