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--> Edit FILE docs to include MyList data block <--

CATEGORY: Retrieve Category Data

SIMILAR: Approve or Disapprove of a Similar Pairing

Command String:

  • SIMILAR aid1={int4 id}&aid2={int4 id}&approve={str [y|n|r]}

Possible Replies:

  • 2nn SIMILAR

{int sid}|{int aid1}|{int aid2}|{str [y|n|r]}



  • aid1 and aid2 represent an existing pair of ids. There are no provisions for adding new similar pairs
  • Which id is assigned to aid1 and which id is assigned to aid2 is irrelevant
  • Use approval=y to approve the pair, approve=n to disapprove, and approve=r to revoke (delete) an existing approval/disapproval.
  • If an approval vote is already assigned, submitting a new y/n value will replace the old vote.

UPDATED: Get List of Updated Anime IDs

Returns a list of AniDB anime ids of anime that have been updated in in a given time frame, ordered by descending date.

Command String:

  • UPDATED entity=1&[age={int4 id}|time={int4 date}]

Possible Replies:

  • 243 UPDATED

{int entity}|{int total count}|{int last update date}|{list aid}

  • 343 NO UPDATES


  • entity is always 1
  • Either age OR time can be specified, but not both
  • age is specified in days.
    • eg: age=30 requests a list of aid values of anime that have changed in the past 30 days
  • time is specified in unix time.
    • eg: time=1264982400 requests a list of aid values of anime that have changed since 2010-02-01
  • A maximum of 200 values will be returned
  • count specifies the total number of items found for the given time period. In short, if this value is great than 200, you have not retrieved all applicable ids.
  • last update date will contain the AniDB update time of the last aid to appear on the list

An anime will be considered updated if:

  • A change is made to the anime record itself
  • An main or official anime title is added, edited, or deleted (not short or synonym)
  • An episode for the anime is added, or delete (but NOT edited!) ( --> But perhaps airdate changes should <-- )
  • An episode title is added, edited, or delete
  • An anime category is added, or deleted (but NOT edited: eg, weight change)
  • An anime relation is added, or deleted

REVIEW: Get Anime Review

Retrieves the review scores and text for an anime review. Like ANIMEDESC, it will likely take multiple calls to this comment to retrieve a complete review - almost all reviews will overflow the size limits of a UDP packet.

Command String:

  • REVIEW rid={int4 id}

Possible Replies:

  • 234 REVIEW
{int4 current part}|{int4 max parts}|{int4 review id}|{int4 author uid}|{int4 score_animation}|{int4 score_sound}|{int4 score_story}|{int4 score_character}|{int4 score_value}|{int4 score_enjoyment}|{str review_text}
  • 234 REVIEW
{int4 current part}|{int4 max parts}|{str review_text}


  • IDs and scores are returned with part zero only. Parts one through max exclude the scores and return the text block only.

[Maybe exchange author uid for author name. Or a uid->name lookup via USER?]

WISHLIST: Retrieve Wishlist Data

Retrieve wishlist data.

Command String:
full list:


by aid:

  • WISHLIST aid={int4 aid}

by wishlist id:

  • WISHLIST lid={int4 lid}

by priority:

  • WISHLIST priority={int4 priority}

Possible Replies:

by aid, lid:

  • 223 WISHLIST
{int4 lid}|{int4 aid}|{int2 type}|{int2 priority}|{int4 fromuid}|{str comment}|{int4 adddate}

full list, by priority:

{int4 aid}|{int4 type}|{int4 priority}/n
{int4 aid}|{int4 type}|{int4 priority}/n

..repeated n times



  • Priority values are 0: low, 1: medium, 2: high
  • Type values are 1: to watch, 2: to get
  • Multiple items are returned in descending priority (high priority first)
  • The fromuid field represents the uid of the user that created the wishlist entry. Typically this is the actual user, but could be a buddy.

WISHLISTADD: Add Anime to Wishlist

Command String:

  • WISHLISTADD aid={int4 aid}&type={int2 type}&priority={int2 priority}[&comment={str comment}]

{int4 wishlist id}
{int4 wishlist id}

WISHLISTDEL: Remove Anime from Wishlist

NOTIFICATION: Retrieve Notification Date

NOTIFICATIONADD: Add Anime or Group to Notify List

Command String:

by anime id:

  • NOTIFICATIONADD aid={int4 aid}&type={int2 type}&priority={int2 priority}

by group id:

  • NOTIFICATIONADD gid={int4 gid}&type={int2 type}&priority={int2 priority}

Possible Replies:

{int4 notification id}
{int4 notification id}
  • 399 NO CHANGES


  • Priority values are 0: low, 1: medium, 2: high
  • Type values are 0: all, 1: new, 2: group, 3: complete

NOTIFICATIONDEL: Remove Anime or Group from Notify List

Empty Table

Byte 1
Bit Decimal Data Field
0 1 String
1 2 String
2 4 String
3 8 String
4 16 String
5 32 String
6 64 String
7 128 String

Permissions (badges)

[22 Jan 12 16:57] * Ommina: baka gives good advice.  Let's get the permission thing fully figured out.  If I'm going to stop playing minecraft, I don't want to have to redo stuff.  (and now gone for food.)
[22 Jan 12 17:04] * worf: well ... what do we have
[22 Jan 12 17:04] * worf: we have a set of personal settings that only affect you
[22 Jan 12 17:05] * worf: hiding thumbnails, hiding all images, hiding porn images, hiding all porn
[22 Jan 12 17:06] * worf: but those dont need to be considered in the xml
[22 Jan 12 17:07] * worf: and then we have the permissions 
[22 Jan 12 17:07] * worf: see me in user list, see my anime list, see storage info, see source info, see viewed info, see ep info, see file info, see state info, see my votes, see my wishlist, see my userpage, see my porn
[22 Jan 12 17:08] * worf: see my porn - obviously would apply to the hentai badge
[22 Jan 12 17:09] * worf: see my anime list - should apply to all anime and creator badges
[22 Jan 12 17:09] * DerIdiot: see my anime list/see viewed info/see ep info/see my votes are the ones that matter
[22 Jan 12 17:11] * worf: see my votes shouldnt matter
[22 Jan 12 17:11] * DerIdiot: wasn't sure if you have some badge with them
[22 Jan 12 17:11] * DerIdiot: if not then yes it doesn't
[22 Jan 12 17:11] * worf: there is a counter badge
[22 Jan 12 17:11] * worf: but we are already displaying the number of votes on the userpage anyway
[22 Jan 12 17:12] * worf: i dont think that permission hides the counter either
[22 Jan 12 17:12] * DerIdiot: i'm not 100% sure, but if not then yes you cna ignore it
[22 Jan 12 17:14] * worf: the only usage of PERM_SEEVOTES on the userpage appears to be for hiding the latest votes
[22 Jan 12 17:17] * worf: so ... 
[22 Jan 12 17:17] * worf: PERM_SEEMYPORN for the hentai badge
[22 Jan 12 17:18] * worf: PERM_SHOWMYLIST for all anime and creator based badges including the hentai badge
[22 Jan 12 17:18] * worf: PERM_VIEWEDINFO same as the above i guess
[22 Jan 12 17:20] * worf: PERM_EPINFO shouldnt apply since we arent displaying which episodes have been watched. just how many
[22 Jan 12 17:22] * DerIdiot: PERM_EPINFO says that somethign is in mylist; PERM_VIEWEDINFO does the same + says that it's watched
[22 Jan 12 17:25] * worf: if you have PERM_SHOWMYLIST on "everyone" and PERM_EPINFO on "no one" then you can only see which anime a person has but not which episodes
[22 Jan 12 17:25] * DerIdiot: yes
[22 Jan 12 17:25] * worf: hm, ok
[22 Jan 12 17:25] * worf: it hides the counts too
[22 Jan 12 17:26] * worf: k
[22 Jan 12 17:26] * DerIdiot: but you only got watched badges not collecting ones right?
[22 Jan 12 17:26] * worf: yes
[22 Jan 12 17:26] * DerIdiot: then PERM_VIEWEDINFO is enough
[22 Jan 12 17:26] * DerIdiot: should prolly have PERM_SHOWMYLIST and PERM_VIEWEDINFO
[22 Jan 12 17:27] * worf: hmm