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  • On the manga page in the cast tab
    • Character age is not displayed immediately after setting the age of a character. (Missing cache invalidation on character edit?)
  • Adding/editing staff to a manga does not invalidate the manga-creator cache entry (the "manga staff in" tab on the creator page doesn't get updated)
  • The searchbar dropdown defaults back to "anime" when on a volume/chapter/mangafile page
    • There is a "note" field but .. it has no function?
  • The "mass add/edit elements" link above the volume/ch table links to just the massadd page. There is no page (like the one for anime episodes, which I'd expect) which shows what currently exists, and allows you to edit them // add new elements easily.
    • In the menu "Review" on the right side a bunch of links are missing: "revoke vote" (only when you voted for the review), "your comment" (only when you voted for the review), "show votes", "edit", "delete"
    • The link "rate it" should disappear once I've rated the review
  • Deleting a manga review comment throws an Internal Server Error (see -ops for details)

missing features

  • calendar
  • latest2
  • message system add manga specific bits
  • my db entries
  • (and other cron scripts) extension for manga
  • next/prev volume/chapter links for elements
  • anime-manga rels
  • episode-chapter rels?!
  • "Censored"/"Uncensored" flags for manga files if manga is "18+ restricted" - will not happen
  • "Manga Maintainer" role (relevant for public version only)
  • Manga and Manga Reviews short links do not work
  • Vols and Chapters haven't gotten short links yet

mylist feats

  • userstattb
  • listtb
  • listcachetb
  • userwishtb
  • usernotifytb
  • userlist (element/file filter)


  • file mass add inverse ids?