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  • file deletes
  • element deletes
  • On the manga page in the cast tab
    • Character age is not displayed immediately after setting the age of a character. (Missing cache invalidation on character edit?)
    • The character rating for the char-manga relation isn't displayed
  • In the info block of manga, volume and chapter the rating counter stays at 0 even though i rated it: "Rating N/A (0) (weighted) , your vote: 10.00 revoke"
    • The same applies for the rating counter in the element lists on the manga and the volume page
    • Also applies to the rating counter in the groups tab
      • Is the counter updated by a cron? Then its probably a non-issue.
  • The orange "vote" icon stays orange and doesn't turn green after rating a chapter (on both the manga and the volume page); it works fine for volumes

missing features

  • calendar
  • latest2
  • message system add manga specific bits
  • my db entries

* staff/cast on elements

  • next/prev volume/chapter links for elements
  • anime-manga rels
  • episode-chapter rels?!
  • "Censored"/"Uncensored" flags for manga files if manga is "18+ restricted" - will not happen
  • "Manga Maintainer" role (relevant for public version only)

mylist feats

  • userstattb
  • listtb
  • listcachetb
  • userwishtb
  • usernotifytb
  • userlist (element/file filter)


  • file mass add inverse ids?