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  • file deletes
  • element deletes
  • On the manga page in the cast tab
    • The appearances are in caps (CH1-CH8, CH10) while everywhere else they are in lowercase
    • Character age is not displayed immediately after setting the age of a character. (Missing cache invalidation on character edit?)
    • The character rating for the char-manga relation isn't displayed
  • Adding and editing staff doesn't work at all?! Trying to edit an existing staff entry and setting an element restriction always fails with "6 - this relation exists already"
  • Adding cast directly to a chapter through the "Add cast" button
    • The pre-filled element restriction is written with a space "ch 20", while everywhere else its "ch20"; parsing "ch 20" still works though
    • When searching for "Tenma Kenzou" and then trying to add him (even though he's already a cast member of the manga) a DB ERROR is thrown
  • The "Edit" chapter icons in the chapter list on the manga and volume pages still link to
    • The link leads to the main page rather than the edit form
  • The "Picture ID" field exists but its not possible to set an image for a nested element FIXED?
  • The "Released" field exists but its not possible to set a release date for a nested element FIXED?

missign features

  • calendar
  • latest2 / modlatest
  • message system add manga specific bits
  • my db entries
  • staff/cast on elements
  • next/prev volume/chapter links for elements
  • anime-manga rels
  • episode-chapter rels?!
  • "Censored"/"Uncensored" flags for manga files if manga is "18+ restricted"

mylist feats

  • userstattb
  • listtb
  • listcachetb
  • userwishtb
  • usernotifytb
  • userlist (element/file filter)


  • file mass add inverse ids?