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(Created page with "@import url("https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto|Roboto+Condensed|Rubik"); @import url("https://static.anidb.net/css-dev/anigoogle2/anigoogle2.css"); html { font-...")
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@import url("https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto%7CRoboto+Condensed%7CRubik"); @import url("https://static.anidb.net/css-dev/anigoogle2/anigoogle2.css");

html { font-size: 0.75em; font-family: Roboto, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 1.3; }

h1, h2, h3, h4, h6, caption,

  1. layout-main div.forum a.topictitle,
  2. layout-main div.policies_all h3 {

font-family: Rubik, Roboto, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }

.ajax-file-upload span, .g_button a span, .g_filter .flap, .i_creditless span, .i_ext span, .i_res span, .i_video span, .i_video_10bit span, .i_video_3d span, .i_version span, .wysibb .wysibb-toolbar .wysibb-toolbar-container .wysibb-toolbar-btn span.btn-text,

  1. layout-main .g_bubble.graph div.header,
  2. layout-main div.edit_actions span,
  3. layout-main div.forum li.header div.segment,
  4. layout-main div.group_all div.group_released td.state a,
  5. layout-main div.tabbed_pane ul.tabs li,
  6. layout-main tr.header th,
  7. layout-main tr.header th.sortable a,
  8. layout-menu li.sub-menu span.tab,
  9. layout-nav div.search a.advsearch,
  10. statusBox {

font-family: "Roboto Condensed", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }

button, html,

  1. layout-main div.forum div.quickreply textarea,
  2. preferences .settings.password p.note {

letter-spacing: 0.02em; }

.g_bubble .seiyuu a.favourite:before, .g_bubble.favourite > div.data div.name > a:before, .g_button a, .i_brand_patreon, .i_brand_twitter, .i_comment, .i_comment_add, .i_comment_creq, .i_comment_delete, .i_comment_edit, .i_comment_info, .i_comment_move, .i_comment_quote, .i_comment_report, .i_comment_revisions, .i_comment_setactive, .i_comment_undelete, .i_ep_edit, .i_favourites, .i_favourites_no, .i_file_add, .i_file_addmylist, .i_file_details, .i_file_edit, .i_file_editmylist, .i_file_removemylist, .i_forum_add, .i_forum_delete, .i_forum_edit, .i_forum_group, .i_general_add, .i_general_added, .i_general_arrow_down, .i_general_arrow_up, .i_general_blacklist, .i_general_convert, .i_general_delete, .i_general_delete_request, .i_general_edit, .i_general_edit_request, .i_general_history, .i_general_link, .i_general_list, .i_general_minus, .i_general_plus, .i_general_remove, .i_general_revert, .i_general_static, .i_general_unverify, .i_general_user_add, .i_general_verify, .i_general_vote, .i_general_vote_down, .i_general_vote_revoke, .i_general_vote_revote, .i_general_vote_up, .i_group_comment, .i_help, .i_info, .i_liststate_edit, .i_minus, .i_moveable, .i_mylist, .i_mylist_add, .i_mylist_delete, .i_mylist_edit, .i_mylist_no, .i_nonotify, .i_notify, .i_plus, .i_pm_delete, .i_pm_reply, .i_recap, .i_review_add, .i_seen, .i_seen_no, .i_seen_yes, .i_state_verified, .i_stats, .i_summary, .i_tab_collapse, .i_tab_default, .i_tab_expand, .i_tab_reset, .i_top, .i_topic_add, .i_topic_delete, .i_topic_history, .i_topic_lock, .i_topic_locked, .i_topic_move, .i_topic_read, .i_topic_split, .i_topic_subscribe, .i_topic_undelete, .i_topic_unlock, .i_topic_unsubscribe, .i_view_grid, .i_view_list, .i_view_smallgrid, .i_waifu_add, .i_waifu_delete, .i_wishlist, .i_wishlist_add, .i_wishlist_blacklist, .i_wishlist_buddy, .i_wishlist_delete, .i_wishlist_edit, .i_wishlist_toget, .i_wishlist_towatch, .i_wishlist_undefined, .i_general_block, .i_general_forbidden, .i_general_merge, .i_search_blue, .i_search_orange, .i_events_event, .i_events_birthday, .i_events_maintenance, .i_general_vote_pending, .i_movie, .i_music_video, .i_other, .i_ova, .i_tv_special, .i_tv_series, .i_unknown, .i_web, .i_chapters, .i_gstate_all, .i_gstate_complete, .i_gstate_dropped, .i_gstate_finished, .i_gstate_ongoing, .i_gstate_specials, .i_gstate_stalled, .toast, button:not(.fancybox-close-small), td.name > .favourite:before, td.name.favourite > a:before, tr.favourite > td.name.anime > a:before,

  1. layout-main div.creq_all .links .creq_list a,
  2. layout-main div.creq_all .links .next_creq a,
  3. layout-main div.creq_all .links .next_new_creq a,
  4. layout-main div.edit_actions span > *,
  5. layout-main div.msg_all div.buttons li a,
  6. layout-main div.msg_all ul.g_list li.sent a,
  7. layout-main ul.g_list li a,
  8. layout-main ul.g_list li span.nolink,
  9. layout-tabs ul li a {

font-family: "Font Awesome 5 Pro","Roboto Condensed",Helvetica,sans-serif !important; letter-spacing: 0; }

h1, h2, h4, h6,

  1. layout-main #chartags h3,

caption, .ajax-file-upload span, .g_segmentlist th h4, .i_creditless span, .i_ext span, .i_res span, .i_video span, .i_video_10bit span, .i_video_3d span, .i_version span,

  1. layout-main .g_bubble.graph div.header,
  2. layout-main div.admin_all div.g_menu h4 span,
  3. layout-main div.animeatt_all div.review > h4,
  4. layout-main div.forum a.topictitle,
  5. layout-main div.forum li.header div.segment,
  6. layout-main div.g_timedentry h4,
  7. layout-main tr.header th,
  8. layout-main tr.header th.sortable a,
  9. layout-menu li.sub-menu span.tab {

font-weight: normal; }

h3, .g_bubble .name-colored, .g_bubble > div.top div.name, .g_bubble.box > div.data div.date, .g_segmentlist th h4, .select2-container--classic .select2-selection--multiple .select2-selection__choice__remove, .select2-container--classic .select2-selection--single .select2-selection__clear, .select2-container--default .select2-results__group, .select2-container--default .select2-selection--multiple .select2-selection__choice__remove, .select2-container--default .select2-selection--multiple .select2-selection__clear, .select2-container--default .select2-selection--single .select2-selection__clear, .v_high, .v_med, .wysibb .wysibb-toolbar .wysibb-toolbar-container .wysibb-toolbar-btn span.btn-text, b, div.g_bubble.quotebody div.quoteof, div.g_bubble.showhidecontent div.desc, div.relations .g_bubble.stripe div.type, span.diff,

  1. layout-main div.accounting_all .estimate .row .field,
  2. layout-main div.addsimilaranime_all div.addsimilaranime_entries a.name-colored,
  3. layout-main div.addtagentityrel_all div.addbox div.tag-column h5,
  4. layout-main div.cmt_entries a.username-colored,
  5. layout-main div.creq_all .state.new,
  6. layout-main div.creq_all .state.return,
  7. layout-main div.creq_all span.type.del,
  8. layout-main div.forum .g_bubble.infobox div.bar,
  9. layout-main div.forum .g_bubble.infobox div.left,
  10. layout-main div.forum a.username-colored,
  11. layout-main div.forum div.add-box div.field,
  12. layout-main div.forum div.navbar span.breadcrumbs,
  13. layout-main div.forum div.options-box div.field,
  14. layout-main div.forum div.posting-box div.field,
  15. layout-main div.forumsearch_form div.field,
  16. layout-main div.group_released td.state.complete a,
  17. layout-main div.group_released td.state.finished a,
  18. layout-main div.main_all div.account ul.tabs li,
  19. layout-main div.msg_all div.header div.field,
  20. layout-main div.msg_all tr td.type,
  21. layout-main div.msg_all tr.new td.state,
  22. layout-main div.mylist_list tr.all_watched td.stats,
  23. layout-main div.mylist_list tr.complete td.stats,
  24. layout-main div.myvotes_all tr td.myvote.high,
  25. layout-main div.search_all div.search_results strong,
  26. layout-main div.tag-column .parent,
  27. layout-main div.userpage_all div.discussions tr.unread,
  28. layout-main table.filelist tr.undumped td.id a,
  29. preferences div.account tr th {

letter-spacing: 0.08em; }

span.date, span.user a.id, td.id, td.size { letter-spacing: 0; }

  1. layout-menu {

width: 8.7em; }

  1. layout-content {

margin-left: 11em; padding-left: 0.9em; padding-bottom: 0.9em; }

td, th { line-height: 1.7em; }

  1. layout-main div.anime_all .stats.user .g_bubblewrap > div {

min-width: 12.3em; }

  1. layout-main div.anime_all .stats.user .g_bubblewrap > div.rank .links {

width: 7em; }

  1. layout-main div.anime_all > .g_section:not(.info) {

margin: 0em 0 1em; }

  1. layout-main div.anime_all div.info div.extra div.cast td.creator,
  2. layout-main div.anime_all div.info div.extra div.staff td.credit {

min-width: 13em; }

.i_brand_patreon, .i_brand_twitter, .i_comment, .i_ep_edit, .i_favourites, .i_favourites_no, .i_file_add, .i_file_addmylist, .i_file_details, .i_file_edit, .i_file_editmylist, .i_file_removemylist, .i_general_add, .i_general_added, .i_general_arrow_down, .i_general_arrow_up, .i_general_blacklist, .i_general_delete, .i_general_delete_request, .i_general_edit, .i_general_edit_request, .i_general_history, .i_general_list, .i_general_minus, .i_general_plus, .i_general_remove, .i_general_revert, .i_general_static, .i_general_unverify, .i_general_user_add, .i_general_verify, .i_general_vote, .i_general_vote_down, .i_general_vote_revoke, .i_general_vote_revote, .i_general_vote_up, .i_group_comment, .i_help, .i_info, .i_liststate_edit, .i_minus, .i_mylist, .i_mylist_add, .i_mylist_delete, .i_mylist_edit, .i_mylist_no, .i_nonotify, .i_notify, .i_plus, .i_recap, .i_seen, .i_seen_no, .i_seen_yes, .i_state_verified, .i_stats, .i_summary, .i_tab_collapse, .i_tab_default, .i_tab_expand, .i_tab_reset, .i_top, .i_view_grid, .i_view_list, .i_view_smallgrid, .i_waifu_add, .i_waifu_delete, .i_wishlist, .i_wishlist_add, .i_wishlist_blacklist, .i_wishlist_buddy, .i_wishlist_delete, .i_wishlist_edit, .i_wishlist_toget, .i_wishlist_towatch, .i_wishlist_undefined, .i_general_block, .i_general_forbidden, .i_general_merge, .i_search_blue, .i_search_orange, .i_events_event, .i_events_birthday, .i_events_maintenance, .i_general_vote_pending, .i_movie, .i_music_video, .i_other, .i_ova, .i_tv_special, .i_tv_series, .i_unknown, .i_web, .i_chapters, .toast-close-button { font-size: 1.166rem; }

.i_gstate_all, .i_gstate_complete, .i_gstate_dropped, .i_gstate_finished, .i_gstate_ongoing, .i_gstate_specials, .i_gstate_stalled { font-size: 1.33rem; }

.i_gstate_all:before, .i_gstate_finished:before, .i_gstate_specials:before, .i_gstate_stalled:before { font-size: 0.75rem; }

.i_mylist:after, .i_general_list:after, .i_view_list:after, .toast .i_general_list:before,

  1. layout-main div.creq_all .links .creq_list a:before,
  2. layout-main div.edit_actions span.show > :before,
  3. layout-main ul.g_list li.latest a:before,
  4. layout-main ul.g_list li.list a:before {

font-size: 1.1rem; }

.i_general_link::after, .i_general_link { font-size: 1rem; }

.i_general_link:after { vertical-align: inherit; }

/*.g_button a:before, button:before,

  1. layout-main div.edit_actions a:before,
  2. layout-main ul.g_list li a:before {

font-size: 1.166rem; }*/

.g_bubble.stripe:not(.box) > div.image + div.data { margin-left: 5.5em; }

.g_bubble.stripe:not(.box) > div.image { width: 4.5em; }

  1. layout-main div.main_all div.datablocks .g_bubble.stripe {

min-height: 7em; }

  1. layout-main div.main_all div.news.forum div.events {

min-width: 45em; }

.g_filter .content { width: 16em; }

  1. layout-main div.review span.stamp,
  2. layout-main div.userpage_all div.blog div.g_timedentry span.stamp {
   font-size: 0.9rem;


  1. layout-tabs {

margin: -2.25em 1em 1em 0; }

  1. layout-search .text {

width: 21em; }

  1. layout-search div.search form > div {

top: 2.5em; }

  1. layout-search div.search a.advsearch {

top: 1.4em; }

  1. layout-main div.animelist_all table.animelist tr td.action {

min-width: 9em; }

.g_filter.right .content { margin-left: 0.75em; }

  1. preferences .options .select label,
  2. preferences .options .textinput label {

padding-left: 1.7em; }

.g_bubble.box > div.data div.desc, .g_bubble.stripe.review > div.data div.text { max-height: 14.5em; }

  1. layout-main div.userpage_all div.history table.g_bubble.graph div.bar .colored {

height: 1.75em; }

  1. layout-footer .links {

margin-top: -1.75em; }

  1. preferences .g_bubblewrap .settings.sortable_shuttle {

max-width: 48em; }

  1. layout-content #layout-main div.g_content {

min-height: 85.5em; }

  1. layout-main h2 + div.edit_actions {

margin-top: -3em; }

  1. layout-main div.main_all div.calendar > div.edit_actions {

margin-top: -2.5em; }

h1 + span.icons { margin-top: -3.6em; }

.i_ext, .i_res, .i_video, .i_video_10bit, .i_video_3d, .i_creditless, .i_version { height: 16px; }

.i_ext span, .i_res span, .i_video span, .i_video_10bit span, .i_video_3d span, .i_creditless span, .i_version span { font-size: 0.9rem; }

.i_version { margin-top: 0.25em; }

@media screen and (min-width: 1500px) { #layout-main .sidebar .g_section.info, #layout-main .sidebar .g_section.info div.block, #layout-main .sidebar .g_section.info div.block > div.data, #layout-main .sidebar .g_section.info div.block > div.image { width: 36em; }

#layout-main .sidebar > .character_entry > .g_section.resized, #layout-main .sidebar > .creator_entry > .g_section.resized, #layout-main .sidebar > .g_section.resized { width: calc(100% - 37em); }

#layout-main .sidebar .g_section.info div.data .g_definitionlist th { min-width: 7.5em; }

#layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar .g_section.info, #layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar .g_section.info div.block, #layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar .g_section.info div.block > div.data, #layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar .g_section.info div.block > div.image, #layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar div.g_menu.left { width: 21.5em; }

#layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar > .g_section, #layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar > .g_section.resized, #layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar > .g_section.resized.tabbed_pane:not(.hidden) { margin-left: 23em; }

#layout-main div.userpage_all div.g_menu.right { width: 13em; }

#layout-main div.userpage_all > .g_section, #layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar > .g_section { margin-right: 14.5em; }

#layout-main div.userpage_all.sidebar .g_section.info div.data .g_definitionlist td { width: 11em; } }