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Very important This page is outdated and does not reflect the current state of AniDB.

Adding your own Tags

Tagname Rules

To ensure tag-naming consistency, please abide by these rules:

  • Tag names are basically all lower case, just like they would be used in sentences with British English spelling, e.g.
anything can be awesome, creepy Gothic architecture.
  • Reminder: Countries / languages start with a capital 1st letter, i.e.
Spain, French, Japanese.
  • Abbreviations are kept all upper case, e.g.
SMS, CG, OP, ED, 3D.
  • Full sentences begin in upper case, just like any sentence would.
Where`s my story?
Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • Japanese words are spelled all lower case, e.g.
sakura, henshin, onii-chan.


character names, voice actors, directors, fannames, etc.
  • all upper-case tag names, e.g.
FOOBAR -> foobar
  • avoid excessive use of ! or ?, e.g.
foobar!!! -> foobar!
Note Please try to be objective when creating tag names, e.g. "this show is crap" will certainly not help and be deleted.

Examples: great OP song, Japanese mythology, tsundere, engaged to an alien, Weekly Shounen Jump


When adding a new tag name, please add a description text as well. This helps all the users out there understand why you defined the tag, and will make your tags all the more valuable and useful:

  • Use British English (no fancy casing)!
  • Try to describe the intent / meaning of your tag as clearly as possible.
  • Use complete sentences, e.g. "Japanese for transformation (metamorphosis or disguise)."
  • Please do not simply copy the tag name into the description field. This is redundant spam.

If you happen to see a tag without a description, feel free to add your own. Help make the anime tags more descriptive!

Note Tag maintainers are much more likely to delete an obscure tag that does not have a description.

Global Spoiler? / Local Spoiler?

A tag can very well be a huge spoiler. To avoid giving away information you can either check mark it as a global spoiler (tag name is always considered to be a spoiler) or as a local spoiler (tag name is only a giveaway for the current anime).

Data was verified

Not verified tags won't be shown anywhere except for the edit pages!

Comment for Mod

When suggesting a tag name change, add a descriptive comment in the text box explaining your reasons.