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The information on this page is incomplete and may not be of much use.
If you can, please help by adding to it.

Tags are per user based categories/grouping options.


Currently fully implemented, suggestions on improvement are welcome.

You can:

  • add tags to an anime
  • vote up or down for a tag
  • list anime with the same tags
  • request edit/delete for tags
  • blacklist tags
  • mark tags as spoiler (per anime or globally)

Adding your own Anime Tags

Tagname - Lower-case / British English

Differing from category names (e.g. "Violent Retribution for Accidental Infringement" or "Sudden Girlfriend Appearance") that use a book title caps spelling, the anime tags are spelled lower-case by default in British English!

Tagname Rules

To ensure tag naming consistency, please abide by these rules:

  • Tag names are basically all lower-case, just like they would be used in sentences.
  • Countries / languages: E.g. Spain, French, Japanese
  • Abbreviations are kept all upper-case, e.g. SMS, CG, OP, ED, 3D.
  • Names (e.g. movies, book titles): Cap the first letter of the names, e.g. Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • Japanese words are spelled all upper-case.
  • Avoid:
  1. redundant use of existing category names - set the category instead!
  2. redundant use of character tags, e.g. character names, voice actors, directors, anime specific organisations, fannames, etc.
  3. all upper-case tag names, e.g. NEVER -> never
  4. avoid excessive use of ! or ?, e.g. blah!!! -> blah!
  • Please try to be objective when creating tag names, e.g. "this show is crap" will certainly not help and be deleted.


When adding a new tag name, please add a description text as well. This helps all the users out there understand why you defined the tag, and will make your tags all the more valuable and useful:

  • Use British English (no fancy casing)!
  • Try to describe the intent / meaning of your tag as clearly as possible.

Note: Tag maintainers are much more likely to delete an obscure tag that does not have a description.

Global Spoiler? / Local Spoiler?

A tag can very well be a huge spoiler. To avoid giving away information you can either check mark it as a global spoiler (tag name is always considered to be a spoiler) or as a local spoiler (tag name is only a giveaway for the current anime).

Creq Comment

When suggesting a tag name change, add a descriptive comment in the text box explaining your reasons.

List of common tags

Some tags are widespread in AniDB.

Character tags

zettai ryouiki
Exposed skin between a girl's skirt and stockings. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zettai_Ry%C5%8Diki)
Some character is thinking too much about daily things of life, or is plain stupid. Ex: Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.
Idiot. Stupid.
Opposed to baka. Usually it's an alien life form, a woman doing money, or a man doing women. Ex: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
The character in the anime is just like you in real life. Otaku.
all hail to the tail
Some character has a tail. Ex: Tails from Sonic X.
so moe i am gonna die
Any girl with cute eyes. Any animal with triangular ears. A little sister.
emo fag
Any guy with long hair. An emotional homosexual. Ex: L from Death Note.
muchos emos
Portuguese eMOnsters.
Portuguese given name. Do not confuse with Muhammad, Buddha or Skywalker.
There is a pink tree somewhere. Or some girl with this name. Ex: Sakura from Sakura Taisen, Sakura from Card Captor Sakura.
cc is hot
For all the possible animes with a character with name “cc”. Ex: Candy Candy from Candy Candy.
Mask, theatre. Basically any super-hero on a carnival day. Ex: Zero from Code Geass, Action Kamen from Crayon Shin-chan.
large ambition
Wants to score.
No cool: Hot. Ex: Tetsuo from Akira.
Anime character. Only when all possible characters win, there is no loser.
mahou shoujo
Magical bitch.
noodle people
Ramen guys advertising. Ex: Freedom.

Anime tags

There wasn't any hentai. Ex: Meitantei Conan.
There wasn't any hentai. Something else missing in the anime, like motorbikes and cellphones in a fantasy world.
When nobody ever ever needs to go to toilet, then it's a no-shit anime.
random shit
When somebody needs to go to toilet, but doesn't.
utter crap
Same as “quality”, but for different people.
shit blows up
Killer cows.
Fusing mechas, like ♂ inside ♀.
imma chargin mah lazer
You can only attack after screaming the name of it out loud during 3 consecutive episodes. Ex: Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z.
This anime isn't as good as the world first rank Pokemon.
This anime is as good as the world first rank Pokemon.
There are extra adventures when you compare it to the manga: you can't possibly dream of anything better. Ex: Naruto and the curry of life.
short story made looooong
Long story cut in short episodes.
gets better with time
The last episode is good, when they all die.
waste of time
Same as any other.
painful to watch
You died laughing. The displayed time is always analog.

Explicite tags

Breasts moving up and down, left and right, changing shape and dancing like crazy. Ex: Jungle De Ikou!
are those boobs ewwwwww
When E cup is not enough, use EWWWWWW cup.
the balls are inert
Doesn't hurt to be kicked in the balls.
excessive fanservice
Not enough naked breasts and too much cloths to make it hentai.
tissue boxes are amazing
To clean the screen after watching excessive fanservice.
Mother I'd Like to Fuck. Whenever there is young mother with breasts in an anime, there will always be a guy to masturbate. Ex: Weda from Hare+Guu, Masane Amaha from Witchblade.
What The Fuck. You never tried this position before. Ex: Tokyo Tribe 2.
Uncensored pubic hair.
Whenever a character enjoys rinsing her vagina with toys.
mind fuck
Sexual depiction of a headshot.

Language tags

Back in 1917, animation movies were not dubbed. Nowadays, it is possible to find Japanese dubbed animation. Ex: Astro Boy in 1963.
You found a fastsub of this anime.
funky german
Same as German. Same as funky.
doener kebap
Typical non-Japanese funky dish.
When people say “yō”.
desu noto
Death note. Wrong spelling. Next time try your own name on it.


A vegetable used by lolis in hentai animes. Do not confuse with carrot.
A vegetable used by lolis in hentai animes. Do not confuse with banana.
A fruit used by lolis in hentai animes. Do not confuse with daikon.
over nine thousand
Number of downloads. Ex: Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z.
on dvd
I burned it.
over tagged
Not yet all possible tags were added if “guten tagged” is missing.