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You know a Song for an Anime that's not listed...

AniDB is a user-driven database and every user can add new songs. So if you know a song for an Anime that's not yet in AniDB we encourage you to add it. We also ask you to include as much info as possible when adding a new song, it's for all users' benefit.

Where can I add new Songs?!

There are two ways to add new songs. The first one is to reach using the Songlist from the main menu at the left. At the bottom of the page you can find the "Add Song" button. The second way is to search for a song using the dropdown search, if the song in question isn't found the following page informing you of the failed search result has the "Add Song" button at the bottom.

Once you click it you're on the "Add Song" page. There's a lot of info you can input here.

Basic info you should include when adding a Song

Main Name (Romaji)

Please check our Kanji & Romaji Guideline for further assistance with this. You should use sanitised capping on top of that. Which means titles in ALL CAPS should be written lower case. For example "CALL ME CALL ME" becomes Call Me Call Me instead.

Official Name (Kanji)

Please check our Kanji & Romaji Guideline for further assistance with this. Anison is a reliable source for this.


The play length of the song.

Anison URL

Anison stands short for Anime Song Database and is a reliable source on all musical media relating to anime music. You should include a link to the song listed there.


Extra information about the song.

Note Don't add "instrumental only/karaoke" and/or "tv versions" of songs on their own! Those can be set as a relation type on the Collection page they belong to.

Relations to be set for an added Song

Anime Relation

Anime songs are usually played in an anime, if that wasn't obvious enough. We want of course to know where a song was played. When adding a relation you should set the proper relation, such as opening or ending and the version, which will be mostly "normal" anyway. You should also set the episode range the song is played.

Note If a song gets played as both opening and ending in different episodes you should add both relations on their own with the appropriate episodes listed.

Collection Relation

The album/single the song was released on. Songs can be part of several collections.


Please add credits if available from anison. We want to know who performed/wrote the song after all.

Song Relation

Is the song a remix or another language version of another song? This relation covers such cases. Examples for Remix Version and Another Language Version