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You know a group that's not listed...

AniDB is a userdriven DB and every user can add new groups. So if you know a group thats not yet in Anidb we encourage you to add it. We also ask you to include as much info as possible when adding a new group, it's for all users' benefit.

Where can I add groups?!

You can find the add group link at the bottom of the grouplist. Once you click it you're on the "Add Group" page. There's a lot of info you can input here.

Basic info you should include when adding an episode


Name of the group.
for example: AnimeOne


the Tag of the group
for example: AonE

Optional Info

We'd like you to add this info sooner or later to the episode since some other users will benefit from your work.


A link to the groups website. Don't enter BT tracker here! For further info refer to here.

Email/IRC data

official email address of the group


recommended size is 300x400
no animation, but still pics.
there is no size limit, but it should stay under 100kb.
If the pic is a banner with a size of 500x200 the suggested solution besides resizing is to spin it by 90°!


no personal comments!