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Welcome to the remarkably sparse avdump2 wiki page, lovingly hand created over many minutes.

Build 3793 represents an initial public release of avd2. It represents a complete rewrite of the original avd1 code, runs against a new build of MediaInfoLibrary, contains a number of custom solutions for a number of formats, represents a significant investment of time and energy by Arokh, and is just generally nifty.


  • AVD2 now runs on the managed .net platform. This will not affect most, as .net comes pre-installed with current versions of windows. XP or older may have to install the platform manually. While it has been tested on mono, such testing has not been exhaustive. We would be very interested in hearing how it behaves in such an environment.
  • While most command line parameters remain the same, there are some exceptions.
    • The "-o" parameter is no longer available in avd2.
    • The "-n" parameter is no longer available in avd2.
    • The meaning of the numeric parameters has changed.
  • In the event of an internal error, AVD2 will submit an error report back to AniDB. The error report contains no user-details, but is attached to the username supplied with the -ac parameter. For initial testing, there is no way to disable this behaviour. If you're not ok with that, please do not use this build of avd2.

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Sample Exception Report


<AVDump2CL.Exceptions.AVD2Exception thrownOn="20110303">
<Message>Error in DisplayBuffer</Message>
Non-negative number required.
Parameter name: totalWidth
at System.String.PadHelper(Int32 totalWidth, Char paddingChar, Boolean isRightPadded)
<Frame>at l.a(f A_0, Progress A_1)</Frame>
<Frame>at l.a(f A_0, Dictionary`2& A_1)</Frame>